Lady in the dark

Lady in the Dark

“Bala.. Bala”, I could hear someone calling up my dad. We were just back from temple after the festival and everyone was tired to exhaustion.Wondering who could it be and showing half laziness, I got up from my bed to check. It seems appa and amma had already fallen to sound sleep..and were not hearing the voice from courtyard.

As I open the frontdoor and step out to verandah , I could see Shankarapan , my grandfather’s youger brother and few of the temple committee members standing outside. They were murmuring something while I stepped out to verandah.Grandfather seemed serious and not interested , asked me to call my dad. I realized , it is something serious and decided to wake my parents.

Standing behind mother, I could hear dad and grandfather and few others talking of giving a night lodging to a lady.I still was not sure what this whole drama is about happening in the middle of night and why in this world , these heated discussions being held in my house. Suddenly, I overheard my dad mentioning that it is totally risky to let a women who is totally stranger to us stay.. What if she commits suicide or something in our place?

Hearing these discussions, I was wondering where is this lady for whom all of us are staying awake. As I just felt to retreat to my room, I saw a shadow in the darkness few meters away. Ahh the lady, I was sure for I could see her dark image due to gatelight from behind. She seems silent, lost. Atleast I felt so and so felt angry for dad , who was showing half consent in letting her stay for a night. As dad agreed and she was asked to stay in the guest room , I felt air smelled something stinky.. Ehhh this women , got such a aura for noses around , I instantly bet with my mother that she doesnt seem interested in taking a good bath..

The only image I got of her was while she passed by me to the guest room , unfortunately her oduor getting me run away.Next day morning , by the time I woke up she had gone. I felt sorry for getting up late but then I came to know that my parents had not slept the whole night fearing of she commiting some suicide or sort..

YEARS went by , and today I and mom just got back from hospital after purchasing some parcel for lunch. As we settled for having food , my eyes got clicked on a photo in the newspaper in which we had got food parcel wrapped from the restuarant. Excited, I asked mother, ‘Isnt this that lady in the dark?” It was when mother read the newspaper report that we came to know , she was from one of the Elite families in our hometown, engineer by qualification, worked as lecturer in a famous engineering college for more than 5 yrs , eloped with a Tamilian Colleague and settled with him leaving her job to be a good homemaker in Chennai itself.

But Truth, it seems was hard for her to digest, the shock freezing her emotions for ever. It seems , she never knew till she was pregnant with a second child that her husband got another family and got children in them as well. I am sure, fear of losing him or losing her children or responsibilities of becoming a single parent for her children or financially going insecure might have got her to this state. Added, her relatives who were against her marrying a tamilian guy, were also not bothered to support her, saying why should we show consideration that she never showed for us all.

I see her once in a while, walking with head down, eyes as if on a marked line ahead, with a plastic bag in hand, full of her clothes. A beautiful women who could have settled with a very good family life, with love and care of all friends and relatives , lost in the battle of life. I do realize that people who we label one or the other way gone MAD, could have lost their presence of mind, due to things they could never control.. , things they never dreamed off.

I do feel sorry for this lady from my heart, for sometimes when I get back in hometown,I get curious while I walk the road besides the temple… the jackfruit tree in front of my house , making me collect from memory , the LADY in the DARK.


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  1. another good one from holy geek he he

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