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sreedaretans and cycle ordeal

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Sreedaretan always had been very simple and down to earth in nature. For some strange reasons, he always had been the character that people neither gave much respect nor existence.Might be because he didnt showed to much of activism. Might be because he was satisfied with what he had and never talked more than needed or on topics that really affects him or his family. For the same reason, he always been very patient with young gang of ours even after knowing that we are back biting a lot with colorful dumb stories built keeping him in center stage..

Sreedarettan was refered by a friend of my dad, for a job in our shop. Dad though not willingly or interested but for the sake of my friend’s reference, gave him the job. Dad , might have got carried away with his simplicity and typical village nature. I found him very excited to get the job and was giving lot of attention to Dad, while Dad was giving him job description.

As was told, he reported early morning at home, got the keys and opened the shop. Dad was very happy to see sreedaretan’s spirit and commitment. Due to lots of customers in shop, and sreedaretan being new, dad decided to send sreedaretan to electric office which is 5 kms away from our location.Remembering that it was the last day for paying electric bill, and already it is 11AM, dad asked him to take my bicycle.

At 1 AM, since sreedaretan, was not in shop, I brought lunch for dad. Dad was really losing his patience for not seeing sreedaretan back. I could hear him talking to other sales guy, expressing his concerns. 4 hours has passed by and now everyone was getting worried for sreedaretan. Dad was literally praying thinking some accident happened to sreedaretan.

At around, 3 PM , I saw sreedaretan coming from a distance. “Ooops”, I said to myself. And eager to make a forecast, I rushed to shop reception and declared aloud for everyone that Cycle tyre got punctured and so he had to walk all the way back. Dad , eyebrow high, expressed his displeasure. At the same time, sreedaretan, entered the shop.

Dad at once, took my forecast true and started saying,” Sreedar, you should get the cycle ready for my son else he would let you use it again”. Sreedaretan,shakingly replied that cycle is in very good condition. Now Dad didnt like it for some reason and curiously asked him, then why on earth he took so much time to pay the bills and reach shop. Sreedaretan, pulling his shoulders up, replied in a complaint tone, ” what could i do? It was really tough walking along with this cycle all these kilometers to and back”..

Myself getting a bit impatient, unknowingly poped the question, “why did you walk when you say my cycle in good condition?” And his innocence got us all to a roaring laughter.

He said bluntly that he took the cycle for dad had asked him to but he didnt knew how to ride the bicycle. Even the angry dad also felt sorry for him 😀 and asked him to take off for the day.


a lady I met in a trip

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It was a journey to Goa, that I met Stanny. She was sitting opposite to me , we both at window sides. Anyone would notice her even from a crowd because she carried such an aura of beauty and individuality. It was , a help request that got us to talking terms and our conversation here and there with time gaps got us from strangers to ‘not-so’ strangers.

Somewhere, in her voice, I was connecting to a Stanny, who got lot of problems but never opening up.By the time, it was falling dark and we just got our ordered parcels. Without sayin, her glance at me, carried a request to give her a company to wash basin and I readily did.

Once back, we both started with our belly filling prayers and chat again but this time, she was getting lost in between. I observed her in those moments when she goes reserved and would be just as if not in this world.

While we were done with dinner, and she happened to sit next to me unknowingly, I took some courage to ask her whether she got some purpose this time while visiting mangalore.. She didnt replied anything.After sometime, she looked at me and said,”Yes, I need to get my ancestral house vacated in Goa, as the sale happened last week and new owners planning to move in coming month.” I followed her reply with a “okkk..” , resounding like a listener. Somewhere earlier in my chats, I had shared about few friends who were practising medicine in mangalore. She pulled it up and bluntly ask me for any possibility to get her some help. Now she said her whole story and sure, she was in a worst situation.

Stanny was married to a Marketing manager 4 yrs back and was settled with her husband and in-laws in Delhi. It was after some months of becoming parent to a child, that her husband went in to coma while driving. He couldnt move one side of his body. This was enough for her in-laws and when the sufferings went unbearable, she had to move to Goa, to her grandmothers apartment. Still, she lives with the hope that one day her husband would get well and would come to take her back home. She said this with a optimists spark in her eyes. I too nodded to reassure her belief.

But, what she was more concerned is her son, who is not able to go after “A, B, C,..,E”. He is not able to move further in the alphabets or anything this sort. She do not know what she needs to do. It is as if , the boy would turn helplessly stubborn and not able to recollect after “E”. She shared this expecting some helps from my friends who are practising doctors .. but I thought, I would do a referntial blogging here also, in case, someone here could point some help and suggestions in this regard.


ultricaria: irritating hide-seek opponent

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Ultricaria, was the term Doctor mentioned for the allergy ,  I was showing for past  2 days. It all started day before yesterday night, while I was at gym. I thought, it might be some insects bites that got me a itchy patch on my right hand elbow. As soon as I reached home, I applied turmeric and Curd mixed over the itching spot. It went after few hours but again resurfaced with itchy feeling on the lower neck and at shoulders.

Out of concern, I and mom started narrowing down whether it is from any food. After a lot of brain storm, finally mom found out the only food I had from outside and it was the 4 veg cutlets from the bakery. Got a good thing to put reason, I rushed to family doctor’s clinic.

As soon as he studied, he took this term,”ultricaria”. He said, this could come to anyone from any simple things like cold water, climatic change, stress or sort. Hmm, I got myself feeling a bit relaxed.

As usual, he prescribed some tablets for 5 days with a warning note that I would feel a bit sleepy while taking those medicines. At the same time, he mentioned that it would however go in few days.

Dress the right head for becoming software engineer

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Another Professional Courses admission goin by, I wish to quote the following from the Professor Dewars Blog. After,padding ranklist to biased list with tons of reservations for differenet categories, on the start of the admission process itself , government alienates the rightful candidates especially talented but poor students.
Who should (and Shouldn’t) be in Computer Science?

It takes a person with a very specific set of inclinations and talents to be a computer programmer, Dewar notes. It’s these specific people who colleges should gear their CS programs for – not the mass of semi-interested people who use pre-built libraries to create uninspired apps.

“Most of us who got into programming really did it because we find it fun. We find the intellectual challenge fun. We find being faced with tricky problems, then figuring out interesting algorithmic solutions, fun. We find clever data structures that solve some interesting problem fun.”

“Maybe it’s not fun to a bigger audience, but computer science education should be more about finding those people who like that kind of fun, and catering to them, rather than [making it all easy].”

“If people find it boring to compute some interesting value, then run that program and get a value of 42 when it should be 83, and figure out why they’ve gotten 42 instead of 83, if they find that tedious and boring, they really aren’t the kind of people we need.”

Hope, the list do find some right heads in the slot.

my family members

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Abhishek, my nephew.. He is my great excitement.. I never miss a second thinking of him. He these days, is showing real interest in cooking (enacting what my sister does in kitchen) and Washing clothes. Other free time passions involves daily biking to and from PlaySchool.

These days , his most favorite of tv shows is “Kuttichaatan” and his best hobbies is to jump at others “gigling” kutichaataaaa , from the character in kutichatan.

Hey dear, you sure, is famous amoung the kids in your apartment block and also our tastes meeets with advertisements we notice.. like “JOsssCOs Jewellery’s Ramp walk” 😉

I love you Abhi, and look forward your visit to home this monsoon end ( September). I got lot of fun planned :D. Now let me add my other family members snaps..

with lots of love

Lucid Interval :: Never Ignore the invisible urgency

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Lucid Interval

Priya and Ramesh had always been branded as the best couples in the campus. They were not only matured but also shows immense seriousness and calmness in things they do. They met 3yrs back, at sommerland beach and from then on, the beach was the backstage , where they slowly moved from total strnagers to couple. They discovered a lot common amoung them.. One thing for sure all of us knew was , both of them considered religious to sit on the rocks shootin above the beach, watching the sun set.. I am sure, they were optimists for they would have sure, shared lots of fun and dreamz they got for themselves while they spend time watching those sun sets..

Last weekend , also, they were at the beach, having fun. Priya , always got to be like a child, when she walks along the beach , splashing the waves at Ramesh as she gets naughtier and Ramesh sometimes chasing her along the shore.Sometimes, they would write something on the beach and challenge the Mighty mother , to erase it off. Once Ramesh , had shared with me that writing our sorrows and finding the mother erasing it with her waves at our shouting is really very touching.. Might be , this form of love is what had brought both of them to spend time at the beach on sunday’s , frequenting got them together and later to be branded as couples for lifelong, in campus.

I do not know , how it would be for Ramesh to accept that from the coming sunday, he would not have Priya, next to him to enjoy the sunset.. how would he come to fact the dreamz they shared would remain dreamz.. How could the mighty mother let this happen to him..

While , the sun was nearing to drown in the ocean , Priya got up to climb down the rocks.. She had just taken few steps, that she lost balance and fell down.. Might be , she didnt had good rest after a tough Exam week. While rolling down, even though she managed to be safe, still got her head to hit on one of the rock piece before came to settle.

Ramesh went running to help her get up and was going on enquiring whether she would come with him to hostpital for checkup. Priya didnt mind the slight pain she got on her head due to accident but was more concerned to reach the hostel before permitted time ends.

Priya felt to sleep early due to tiredness and slight head ache. She went to bed and fallen asleep, without knowing that she is never going to get out of her dreamz…… Today morning, she didnt opened up her eyes when her roommates tried to wake her up…

Priya had suffered serious injury while she hit the rock and her brain entered the phase called “LUCID INTERVAL”. If she had been a bit careful and agreed to visit a hospital as Ramesh felt necessary, she would have been with us.. enjoying the weekends watching sun set along with her boy friend..

Lucid Interval from wikipedia:
a lucid interval is a temporary improvement in a patient’s condition after a traumatic brain injury, after which the condition deteriorates. A lucid interval is especially indicative of an epidural hematoma. After the injury, the patient is momentarily dazed or knocked out, and then becomes relatively lucid for a period of time which can last minutes or hours. Thereafter there is rapid decline as the blood collects within the skull, causing a rise in intracranial pressure, which damages brain tissue.

An arguement by an Atheist …

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Today I had a heated debate with my brother to counter brothers siding for atheists  “an argument for atheism’ .These are the points I find makes sense to counter the atheists

What about going to temple?

My arguments would be related to this as this is a place atheists attack first to prove their point.There is no God. I admit. Hope the atheists reading this calms down to go through more 😉

But read this. I know why we go to a temple..
The earth has it’s own magnetic field. So where the earth consists of concentration of ORE/ MINERALS the magnetic field converges. That’s the spot where we build TEMPLES (place not good for permanent staying).Now when you go to a temple , the lamp invokes your eyes, the bell invokes your ears, the nose by the smell of agrabathi, the tongue by the prasad, and the skin by sandal. So when all the five senses are invoked or provoked ,your sixth sense gets a bit of initiation and you find youself at peace.

Why do you take ‘shayana namaskara’ around the deity at the temple?

It is beacuase the earth magnetic field is strong 50 cms from the earth surface and this effect is absorbed well when aligned with the parallel body which has the blood flowing in it and the Haemoglobin made of iron oriented due to magnetic fields.

Why we say do not sleep keeping your head towards north?

It is becasue the blood having iron in haemoglobin gets magentically oriented and if head is lying towards north it leads to concentration of a partial layer og blodd composition in brain nerves which cannot handle this much pressure and slowly it leads to other diseases.

Why our grandmother would ask to recite some slokas or gods name…especially while going to bed or steping out of the bed ?

All the management and personality development people say that , saying good words like “ I got have a very nice day ahead, it helps keep the right spirit”. Even this is a sloka… a repeated line in our memory to get us sync with what we expect.. it helps.. But grandmas say , with an added point… When you move your body from vertical to horizontal, the heart that was pumping at higher pressure , need to slow down.. we need to give this pumping motor to slow down with out a sudden slowingdown… As we recite slokas , we slows down our activity, our heart slows down and you slowly lowers yourself to bed…Note: 70% of heart attacks happens while getting up from bed or minutes after going to bed..

Nuclear Reactor :

Have you thought of its capacity to generate enough power. have you thought of how it is controlled and power generation controlled. Have you ever thought of the structure that gives it immense strength to hold the power within.Think about it atleast at this point and then do you come across anything that is similiar. If not and if yes you can read ahead.

Simple : Think of shiva linga. THink of the nuclear reactors dome structure and shiva linga dome.Thing of the pot above the shiva linga that keeps milk or water falling over linga as if it symbolises the coolant in a nuclear reactor. The channel from shiva linga is never crossed…Y, it is taught that it got relaxed high energy, not good one..

Though these things have been said by the rishis but if the people have to follow this (which is good for them only) a religious flavour is given.

So, I am not a atheist’s as even though i am not a orthodox believer and as Lard Krishna himself says that the believer and non-believer is equally dear to him. But i do not want to miss the good things that our tradition has, especially when we do not the the limits of the universe or the diversity it got just in this tiny planet Earth.

Also, Doesn’t this point to something…… Our tradition has lot of science within it. I believe it was the history of slavery (of 1000 years +214 years) that took us off the track. I am not a manuvadi but I do believe that the rishis were the xtreme atheists if you try to find out. The lord Krishna the first in the queue who said the believer and non-believer is dear and near to me. He gave atheists the recognition they needed but it should be on points and corrections not propagate blunders.

This I have written, not to hurt anyone nor am I trying to make myself having a point. But, it would be great if the reader finds me reasonable.

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