An arguement by an Atheist …

Today I had a heated debate with my brother to counter brothers siding for atheists  “an argument for atheism’ .These are the points I find makes sense to counter the atheists

What about going to temple?

My arguments would be related to this as this is a place atheists attack first to prove their point.There is no God. I admit. Hope the atheists reading this calms down to go through more 😉

But read this. I know why we go to a temple..
The earth has it’s own magnetic field. So where the earth consists of concentration of ORE/ MINERALS the magnetic field converges. That’s the spot where we build TEMPLES (place not good for permanent staying).Now when you go to a temple , the lamp invokes your eyes, the bell invokes your ears, the nose by the smell of agrabathi, the tongue by the prasad, and the skin by sandal. So when all the five senses are invoked or provoked ,your sixth sense gets a bit of initiation and you find youself at peace.

Why do you take ‘shayana namaskara’ around the deity at the temple?

It is beacuase the earth magnetic field is strong 50 cms from the earth surface and this effect is absorbed well when aligned with the parallel body which has the blood flowing in it and the Haemoglobin made of iron oriented due to magnetic fields.

Why we say do not sleep keeping your head towards north?

It is becasue the blood having iron in haemoglobin gets magentically oriented and if head is lying towards north it leads to concentration of a partial layer og blodd composition in brain nerves which cannot handle this much pressure and slowly it leads to other diseases.

Why our grandmother would ask to recite some slokas or gods name…especially while going to bed or steping out of the bed ?

All the management and personality development people say that , saying good words like “ I got have a very nice day ahead, it helps keep the right spirit”. Even this is a sloka… a repeated line in our memory to get us sync with what we expect.. it helps.. But grandmas say , with an added point… When you move your body from vertical to horizontal, the heart that was pumping at higher pressure , need to slow down.. we need to give this pumping motor to slow down with out a sudden slowingdown… As we recite slokas , we slows down our activity, our heart slows down and you slowly lowers yourself to bed…Note: 70% of heart attacks happens while getting up from bed or minutes after going to bed..

Nuclear Reactor :

Have you thought of its capacity to generate enough power. have you thought of how it is controlled and power generation controlled. Have you ever thought of the structure that gives it immense strength to hold the power within.Think about it atleast at this point and then do you come across anything that is similiar. If not and if yes you can read ahead.

Simple : Think of shiva linga. THink of the nuclear reactors dome structure and shiva linga dome.Thing of the pot above the shiva linga that keeps milk or water falling over linga as if it symbolises the coolant in a nuclear reactor. The channel from shiva linga is never crossed…Y, it is taught that it got relaxed high energy, not good one..

Though these things have been said by the rishis but if the people have to follow this (which is good for them only) a religious flavour is given.

So, I am not a atheist’s as even though i am not a orthodox believer and as Lard Krishna himself says that the believer and non-believer is equally dear to him. But i do not want to miss the good things that our tradition has, especially when we do not the the limits of the universe or the diversity it got just in this tiny planet Earth.

Also, Doesn’t this point to something…… Our tradition has lot of science within it. I believe it was the history of slavery (of 1000 years +214 years) that took us off the track. I am not a manuvadi but I do believe that the rishis were the xtreme atheists if you try to find out. The lord Krishna the first in the queue who said the believer and non-believer is dear and near to me. He gave atheists the recognition they needed but it should be on points and corrections not propagate blunders.

This I have written, not to hurt anyone nor am I trying to make myself having a point. But, it would be great if the reader finds me reasonable.


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