Lucid Interval :: Never Ignore the invisible urgency

Lucid Interval

Priya and Ramesh had always been branded as the best couples in the campus. They were not only matured but also shows immense seriousness and calmness in things they do. They met 3yrs back, at sommerland beach and from then on, the beach was the backstage , where they slowly moved from total strnagers to couple. They discovered a lot common amoung them.. One thing for sure all of us knew was , both of them considered religious to sit on the rocks shootin above the beach, watching the sun set.. I am sure, they were optimists for they would have sure, shared lots of fun and dreamz they got for themselves while they spend time watching those sun sets..

Last weekend , also, they were at the beach, having fun. Priya , always got to be like a child, when she walks along the beach , splashing the waves at Ramesh as she gets naughtier and Ramesh sometimes chasing her along the shore.Sometimes, they would write something on the beach and challenge the Mighty mother , to erase it off. Once Ramesh , had shared with me that writing our sorrows and finding the mother erasing it with her waves at our shouting is really very touching.. Might be , this form of love is what had brought both of them to spend time at the beach on sunday’s , frequenting got them together and later to be branded as couples for lifelong, in campus.

I do not know , how it would be for Ramesh to accept that from the coming sunday, he would not have Priya, next to him to enjoy the sunset.. how would he come to fact the dreamz they shared would remain dreamz.. How could the mighty mother let this happen to him..

While , the sun was nearing to drown in the ocean , Priya got up to climb down the rocks.. She had just taken few steps, that she lost balance and fell down.. Might be , she didnt had good rest after a tough Exam week. While rolling down, even though she managed to be safe, still got her head to hit on one of the rock piece before came to settle.

Ramesh went running to help her get up and was going on enquiring whether she would come with him to hostpital for checkup. Priya didnt mind the slight pain she got on her head due to accident but was more concerned to reach the hostel before permitted time ends.

Priya felt to sleep early due to tiredness and slight head ache. She went to bed and fallen asleep, without knowing that she is never going to get out of her dreamz…… Today morning, she didnt opened up her eyes when her roommates tried to wake her up…

Priya had suffered serious injury while she hit the rock and her brain entered the phase called “LUCID INTERVAL”. If she had been a bit careful and agreed to visit a hospital as Ramesh felt necessary, she would have been with us.. enjoying the weekends watching sun set along with her boy friend..

Lucid Interval from wikipedia:
a lucid interval is a temporary improvement in a patient’s condition after a traumatic brain injury, after which the condition deteriorates. A lucid interval is especially indicative of an epidural hematoma. After the injury, the patient is momentarily dazed or knocked out, and then becomes relatively lucid for a period of time which can last minutes or hours. Thereafter there is rapid decline as the blood collects within the skull, causing a rise in intracranial pressure, which damages brain tissue.


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