a lady I met in a trip

It was a journey to Goa, that I met Stanny. She was sitting opposite to me , we both at window sides. Anyone would notice her even from a crowd because she carried such an aura of beauty and individuality. It was , a help request that got us to talking terms and our conversation here and there with time gaps got us from strangers to ‘not-so’ strangers.

Somewhere, in her voice, I was connecting to a Stanny, who got lot of problems but never opening up.By the time, it was falling dark and we just got our ordered parcels. Without sayin, her glance at me, carried a request to give her a company to wash basin and I readily did.

Once back, we both started with our belly filling prayers and chat again but this time, she was getting lost in between. I observed her in those moments when she goes reserved and would be just as if not in this world.

While we were done with dinner, and she happened to sit next to me unknowingly, I took some courage to ask her whether she got some purpose this time while visiting mangalore.. She didnt replied anything.After sometime, she looked at me and said,”Yes, I need to get my ancestral house vacated in Goa, as the sale happened last week and new owners planning to move in coming month.” I followed her reply with a “okkk..” , resounding like a listener. Somewhere earlier in my chats, I had shared about few friends who were practising medicine in mangalore. She pulled it up and bluntly ask me for any possibility to get her some help. Now she said her whole story and sure, she was in a worst situation.

Stanny was married to a Marketing manager 4 yrs back and was settled with her husband and in-laws in Delhi. It was after some months of becoming parent to a child, that her husband went in to coma while driving. He couldnt move one side of his body. This was enough for her in-laws and when the sufferings went unbearable, she had to move to Goa, to her grandmothers apartment. Still, she lives with the hope that one day her husband would get well and would come to take her back home. She said this with a optimists spark in her eyes. I too nodded to reassure her belief.

But, what she was more concerned is her son, who is not able to go after “A, B, C,..,E”. He is not able to move further in the alphabets or anything this sort. She do not know what she needs to do. It is as if , the boy would turn helplessly stubborn and not able to recollect after “E”. She shared this expecting some helps from my friends who are practising doctors .. but I thought, I would do a referntial blogging here also, in case, someone here could point some help and suggestions in this regard.



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