ultricaria: irritating hide-seek opponent

Ultricaria, was the term Doctor mentioned for the allergy ,  I was showing for past  2 days. It all started day before yesterday night, while I was at gym. I thought, it might be some insects bites that got me a itchy patch on my right hand elbow. As soon as I reached home, I applied turmeric and Curd mixed over the itching spot. It went after few hours but again resurfaced with itchy feeling on the lower neck and at shoulders.

Out of concern, I and mom started narrowing down whether it is from any food. After a lot of brain storm, finally mom found out the only food I had from outside and it was the 4 veg cutlets from the bakery. Got a good thing to put reason, I rushed to family doctor’s clinic.

As soon as he studied, he took this term,”ultricaria”. He said, this could come to anyone from any simple things like cold water, climatic change, stress or sort. Hmm, I got myself feeling a bit relaxed.

As usual, he prescribed some tablets for 5 days with a warning note that I would feel a bit sleepy while taking those medicines. At the same time, he mentioned that it would however go in few days.


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