sreedaretans and cycle ordeal

Sreedaretan always had been very simple and down to earth in nature. For some strange reasons, he always had been the character that people neither gave much respect nor existence.Might be because he didnt showed to much of activism. Might be because he was satisfied with what he had and never talked more than needed or on topics that really affects him or his family. For the same reason, he always been very patient with young gang of ours even after knowing that we are back biting a lot with colorful dumb stories built keeping him in center stage..

Sreedarettan was refered by a friend of my dad, for a job in our shop. Dad though not willingly or interested but for the sake of my friend’s reference, gave him the job. Dad , might have got carried away with his simplicity and typical village nature. I found him very excited to get the job and was giving lot of attention to Dad, while Dad was giving him job description.

As was told, he reported early morning at home, got the keys and opened the shop. Dad was very happy to see sreedaretan’s spirit and commitment. Due to lots of customers in shop, and sreedaretan being new, dad decided to send sreedaretan to electric office which is 5 kms away from our location.Remembering that it was the last day for paying electric bill, and already it is 11AM, dad asked him to take my bicycle.

At 1 AM, since sreedaretan, was not in shop, I brought lunch for dad. Dad was really losing his patience for not seeing sreedaretan back. I could hear him talking to other sales guy, expressing his concerns. 4 hours has passed by and now everyone was getting worried for sreedaretan. Dad was literally praying thinking some accident happened to sreedaretan.

At around, 3 PM , I saw sreedaretan coming from a distance. “Ooops”, I said to myself. And eager to make a forecast, I rushed to shop reception and declared aloud for everyone that Cycle tyre got punctured and so he had to walk all the way back. Dad , eyebrow high, expressed his displeasure. At the same time, sreedaretan, entered the shop.

Dad at once, took my forecast true and started saying,” Sreedar, you should get the cycle ready for my son else he would let you use it again”. Sreedaretan,shakingly replied that cycle is in very good condition. Now Dad didnt like it for some reason and curiously asked him, then why on earth he took so much time to pay the bills and reach shop. Sreedaretan, pulling his shoulders up, replied in a complaint tone, ” what could i do? It was really tough walking along with this cycle all these kilometers to and back”..

Myself getting a bit impatient, unknowingly poped the question, “why did you walk when you say my cycle in good condition?” And his innocence got us all to a roaring laughter.

He said bluntly that he took the cycle for dad had asked him to but he didnt knew how to ride the bicycle. Even the angry dad also felt sorry for him 😀 and asked him to take off for the day.


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