Eclipse and PHP Development

I had worked with linux machine some years now for development. While i was doing my studies the one thing that i was so found of was the Linux and playing with the linux box to meet my few needs, but though not enough successful many times, still gave me a strong base of layout below i think.

Now, not in my server i got linux but right in my development machine and I was checking eclipse to get the development environment for PHP.Yep! Knowing the i unknowingly got it installed made me feel excited but it was not a easy job to use it. My next thought was is there any other easy way to use eclipse for my development needs.

And here I finds something really nice to have : PHP Development Kit. What more , any XAMPP or WAMP fanatics, how about PDT All in one. Yes, you get eclipse , Subclipse for version managment and Zend Debugger and JSclipse for javascript. WOW!

Ok, let me share the links that would be a good reading for the setting up and knowing more on this environment.

NOTE: I DIDNT HAD THE ZEND DEBUGGER, OR JSCLIPSE OR SUBCLIPSE BY DEFAULT ON MY PDT ALL IN ONE. ALSO, ZEND DEBUGGER add on would solve your PHP executable path and some debug  related worries.

Even now, i got some problem installing the Subclipse as it says some depencies. OK, keeping it for my freetime to check further but I would appreciate if someone could do give me some pointers.

So, coming to sharing a few links that i had read:

Download all in one link

The debugtester and the documentation is available for download at this url:

Hope you might find this a useful.


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