How to install a RPM Package w.r.t mysql-gui

The purpose of this in-view is to let you know some basics stuff to search and know further. I would mention only the basic command and a optional parameter that would let you sail safe, with a rpm package.

Linux Flavor : Fedora

Command : rpm -i {packagename}.rpm

I had just downloaded the mysql GUI and was trying to use the command line to install the 4 rpm packages that came bundled with , the above command gave me some dependecies with two of the packages, especially with administrator and query browser.

So, might be the order of installation was not the right but i think i got these out of the way with

Command: rpm -i –nodeps {packagename}.rpm

After this , I do find the packages in the frontend Programming portion but still, to be frank only the mysql administrator works not the query browser. Need to check what is the

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by mysql-query-browser-5.0r12-1fc5.i386
mysql-gui-tools = 5.0r12 is needed by mysql-query-browser-5.0r12-1fc5.i386

Still, might be some section above would be useful for myself to read later and sure , i would correct it after doing some play around.

Must read : Installing MYSQL GUI


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