Being with consciousness today is to have biased character

Well, Are we biased when we respond to life situations? To be frank, if someone toss this question at me, my reply would be a big ‘Yes’.Let me site an incident to make my point:-

Two weeks back , I was in my hometown as I had to get an appointment token for my mother’s checkup.While I was done with the registering process, and was making my way to my bike in parking bay, I could notice a crowd to the sides of the footpath. A bit of effort , got me the reason for the crowd. A man was lying there and all of us had a view of him. Few stayed by to discuss and form crowd and none of us put a bit of effort to check what is the real reason. We assumed few parameters and infered that he is a drunkard. Not to leave, few even cursed him for lying there.

Later, in the evening daily I came to read of this incident and report mentioned he passed away due to a mild heart attack. He had come to see his relative in ICU and had fallen unconscious while he was out to get some snacks for relatives from the canteen.

If one of us in the crowd, tried to get him proper medical care on the right time, might be he would still be alive. Why didnt none of us were bothered was that, we didnt knew him and even if we did, he should fall in to mine close near or dear one to act humane.


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