Hey, what to do this weekend without a bomb blast to hear?

Well, these days walking on the lanes of bangalore, or hometown is just as tense as it used to be in metros. Bomb blasts series has added to this feeling and sometimes the pattern is too serious to be observed when some weak party forms the government.

I after reading and watchin the blast coverage that happened in the past few month in major pockets of indian economy feels so. Why should not I feel so, when the home minister is concerned about his dress and appearance before the camera and is least expressive of the condolences a government should offer to minimum par, for its failure.

Soon, again a blast and yep followed mumbai? People who say that present law is enough , why dont prove these laws to be efficient?

No use , arguing but i would suggest a few things.


If a person happens to be tracked of criminal or anti-nation activity , then government and related agencies could indirectly pass on a strong message to others by:-

  • Stripping of the citizenship to the criminal.
  • NO HUMAN RIGHTS in this country , then after for him.
  • His family should be deprived of any government sponsorship or favors.

I think, added this to our current law would atleast make them think twice for their family and relatives, if not , for common people.



Its really disgusting to see the Human rights activist and the so called communist playing the appeasment poli-tricks to build votebank. I would say, that these people are also linked to terrorist as the phase II of their plan. First , strike with bombing series and when it appears that they are traced and would be shot down or behind the bars, gets these human rights activist to protest. While they protest and take the centrestage, cops would miss them for a while and could easily escape.

If I happen to be the ruler, I would have booked these so called elite human rights activist at the very first under PREVENTION OF TERRORIST ACT. So basically when I find only three national parties with its own ideology(Congress, BJP and Communist) of which communist is only in my home state and in West bengal), the question before me , to whom I should vote this General Parliament Election-2009.

Added seeing, the special funds and recruitments to minority and no where bothered to address others, I would not even think of being in favor of congress.

I would prefer a party that gives me equal recognition, economic freedom and right to grow with a feeling of security. A party that forms a strong goverment is my wish for this coming election and seeing the Karnataka goverments track record of deliverying 90% promised in just 100days of rule and their vision of entire karnataka, I would prefer to vote the same party in the national level as well.


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