Dikawey ki duniya hai, isliye karo dikawa…

I saw some hoardings with cricketer Dhoni on it and felt to scribble this real incidents. Yeah, its true. Our society is so these days… When suddenly a man falls unconscious and lay on the foot path we are not bothered at all to extend a caring hand. We move on with our own inferences and decisions… blah blah blue but would we the same if it was a lady. I am not talking in either case , a individual who is not well dressed, who appears untouchable. If it was a lady with a appreciable beauty or aura, yeah she would find lots of people extending help and even out of the box help… he he

But what if the lady do not appears so? say, in one of my trips, it was too rushy inside and including me few of us had to stand the whole trip. Just before me was a family who appears from a lower society. Family seems just to be parents and the baby feeling uncomfortable and hungry started crying. How could she feed the baby , standing amidst a crowd of passengers in a moving bus.

There were two so-called-employees of an indian MNC carrying the Rainbow Sunflower on their tags amidst serious discussion of Nuclear Deal and indian advantages. Aaaah, if not noticed this plight of the lady, its ok but ignoring the ladies request for a seat for sometime and staring disgusted at her husband , on the same repeated request seems really frustrating.

I am not proud to be called part of the IT community who things themselves as big shots, above human race or elite. Would they keep patience, if it was his mother, sister or his wife? Would he digest the same reaction shown to himself from someother guy?

That is why  I said earlier, we are humans with biased nature. We perceive , analyse and if some benefits now or down the line, we do else we act ignorant.

Really iritating…


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