Kidnap :: movie review

Yep, though not planned , nor was waiting for the release of Kidnap, it was pure coincidental.I stepped down at the wrong stop and in the afternoon sun, wanted to get some comfort to lazily unwind, and here it was to the corner of the street Urvasi Theatre.

Luckily it was movie that got some new faces and I decided for the balcony to leisurely have fun.

Now coming to movie, it started with me dropping jaws at the sporty steps from the heroine to a song , added i liked her from haseena movie. Well, I think, she was trying to shed her shyness away with showing off her top full , i should correct her nudeness in bikini to help us the great viewers , from the pain of visualizing her assets and curves.. he he ….

Imran appeared a bit immature to handle the role of a kidnapper but seeing the reality of the society , yeah especially after the series of bomb blasts carried out by young minds, i accept that childish flavor. Rest all , appeared nothing great to execute, were just normal.

One thing i liked the most is the chase sequence of Imran and Sanju. I think, they got it a bit to a level of B-13 sort.

Still, one thing i need to admit is that though the movie had lot of fall outs , yet it was able to make me stick , a bit curious though not satisfying.

Now, since our mindsets differ, i do suggest you to watch the movie and share your thoughts. 🙂


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