I was sticky to my mobile…Ahhh ghosh, I lost it

To know the importance of mobile, lessen the misuse, lessen the data concentration risks, one has to keep the gadget away. But with me , from yesterday it had been not so. I am forced in to such a situation.

I had decided to reach office 1 hour before usual entry timings for I had promised HO Engg. that I would be in office and look in to the details. Set Alarm woke me up on time and I started off for the tiffin. A change was that I had my jacket today for day-before evening it had been raining..

With mobile in shirt pocket and wallet in the back pocket, I had my tiffin at my usual tiffin center, Sree Krishna Sevasrama Canteen, decided would get the bus from the just before signal point… I was a bit in thoughts here and there in time , ‘ to go home this weekend ‘ or not.. say , missing amma, lazily lying down on the hall / verandah overlookin the garden..

Well, I let go two buses in my office route as they were packed full , hoping the next bus would be different.. It didnt happen so and I decided to get in. I got inside, and just got some space above the stepping boards. But the next stop, Raggi gudda Stops had another rush trying to sneak in and strange was that few guys, as if spreaded , pierced us making a push pull fight amoung other passengers…

The handsome looking chocolatie guy , one amoung the five who was acting rushily amoung was even questioned by me for forcing against my chest. I literally asked him, “Do you think, I would stand here if there is space behind?”. Surely, I will not for I always make sure , to be at the first space from the rear end. Then, just in 5 minutes , came the next stop, and these guys started moving to the stepping down boards, again putting all the passengers standing in a swinging mode. The worst was that they would not move out in a single line rather scattered… one from from, another from sides..

I felt for a moment to be like a matchbox in a current of water… They got down and after a minute or so, one passenger from back gave a alarm voice that he lost his wallet.. Ahh , I checked my wallet in the back pocket and it was there safe.. I even thanked that i didnt kept the credit / debit cards in it today. But, he was joined by another IT Executive and for some reason bus made a halt…

As if i was not part of all these , I was in my thoughts of whether to go home this weekend or be at work, felt to talk to mother…. Ooops , where is my mobile ? Ahh god , its not there .. not in shirt pockets nor in pants pocket..Well, It slowly realized that I was the third victim and I lost my mobile. I lost 14k with it and also 11,200 Rs on my sim card, which i could block atleast….

Btw, after this fucking experience, I realized how sticky I had been with my mobile… From morning alarm, reminders, messages, contacts, everything gone IN a Go.


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