sometimes time do freeze for the memories

Sometimes, time doesnt move or it is as if I got frozen and the only thing playable is the past.. lost in the thoughts or so..

While travelling when red light gets the traffic to halt, it should be so boring to have mind chasing for things to do as soon as I reach office, but on some occasions the same red light happens to be the best to take us for a walk in to our memoirs… might be sometimes so intense that it would get us keep going or missing the road directions to office , he he ,  by the time we lick our minds of the sweetness of those cherished moments..

Today, i felt the same at the traffic and the long stretch of a 100 metres , where we tried snail pace.. it was so nice seeing a father help his son, recite the kindergarten nursery songs, I just got excited seeing the boy, giving very careful ear to his dad and his innocence of asking doubts..


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