in the middle of night , angel turns wild

Newspaper , I repeat, always miss the punch line and yes, this report also had the something gone missing. Well, it got me a bit to think and share here.. Sorry, you might be thinking ,’what the heck I am talking about?’
ok..ok let me brief the news:
” a aspiring actress, living in MUMBAI , got arrested after confessing for the murder of X, creative head, studio A…”

Didnt she do it? Yes , Of course, she gotta know when the last SMS activity from the X’s cell says so. And yes, she confessed to cops during interrogation.

Her confession seems => ‘ Yes, I just helped in chopping and disposing the body parts. Also dirtied a bit of my fingers, mind you, not hands but just fingers with destroying the left over evidence in my apartment.

There should be some motive , right? Ooops , I forgot to mention, it was not she but her fiancee , Mr. Jay who did the murder. Why? It appears like Jay called up for some bedtime jingles with actress but happen to hear in the background, Mr.X, creative head, explaining some confidential positions she could try in her career.

Man, I bet, damn it, it should have been really inspiring, that too in the middle of night for Jay that he took immediate flight to MUMBAI to give a knock at actress apartment, to see intimate actress and X unwinding with a fag…( sure another, F* preceded )

Hey Jay, HatzZ of to you man. You sorted the puzzle easily, cool. Just with a knife. Whewww!! you rocks man to screw your life for a lady who sleeps with many for building a career.

Actress DAD cried foul at investigation, at the moment he got a reporter to report his view. ( Mirror please… )
Her sister reveals another truth . what? ‘She never was not could turn so bold’.
( Hey, seems she is taught that ‘every kill got to have a criminal involved’ )
Her brother confides another top kept secret, ‘ she falls unconscious at the very sight of blood’.
( Excuse me, with respect to ladies, hope actress got the women clock clicking in her.. )

WHATEVER.. we would be fool not to realize that this is the attempt to just put the Mr.fiancee , our knife-star alone for the murder.Man, how could miss-sight-of-blood-unconscious-actress be an angel, when she is xtremely wild and selfish to build a career out of ethics.


7 Responses to “in the middle of night , angel turns wild”

  1. Nilotpal Barman Says:

    Good postmortem buddy. Carry on the good work…..

  2. Hey i guess this is due to the mentality of the people…. how they think….. how they they understand…. how they react….. people normally get to learn these things through their friends … families … and relatives… but few are not blessed… so they try hard to think and get it right…. but in some cases there is no enough time to react in correct manner …. that’s when such things happens…….. and this is only my point of view and any resemblance of this to anyone’s life is pure coincidence …….lolz….this is mandatory these days…

  3. Great article…Go on…

  4. hey buddy,

    This is superb, actually I loved reading it from start to end, in one go.. cool yaar..

  5. This is cool..good one.angles can turn wild in dark

  6. hi…………
    i also agree with Mr.Amrut…it depends on mental state…………..

  7. hmmmmmm quite thrilling article..

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