sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 0440

OS : Linux Flavor : Fedora 8

I dont know how this error came but got something to do with myself trying to get a root view yesterday evening , half sleepy. The below would solve the trouble:-

[saffrongeek@nerd1 ~]$ sudo chmod 0644 /home/saffrongeek /.dmrc
sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 0440
[saffrongeek@nerd1 ~]$ cd /etc/
[saffrongeek@nerd1 etc]$ su root
[root@nerd1 etc]# chmod 440 sudoers
[root@nerd1 etc]# ls -l sudoers
-r–r—– 1 root root 3211 2008-04-29 17:18 sudoers


5 Responses to “sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 0440”

  1. login as root before
    and then
    open ur terminal
    and then
    type : chmod 440 /etc/sudoers
    now FINISH

  2. what is ur terminal

  3. saffrongeek Says:

    Gnome Terminal

    If you are a newbie and got an ubuntu the path to a terminal is as follows:

    To know more , either you could use the ‘help’ menu contents or the following link to know more about terminal.

  4. sreejith. K. B Says:

    i tried the above commands, but i didn’t get solved my problem.

    sreejith@sreejith-desktop:~$ chmod 440 /etc/sudoers
    chmod: changing permissions of `/etc/sudoers’: Operation not permitted

    • saffrongeek Says:

      Hi Sreejith,

      If you notice , when I tried the mentioned command, I was root user i believe.. . You can find I changed to root before this command in my post.

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