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Terrorist Strikes.. Great Indian Response

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On that thursday , when I got a copy of newspapper, on frontpage newspaper said it loud- It’s war on Mumbai. First thing my mind related it was to England – India ODI series. By the time ,  I realized the actual event , though shocked initially I could digest the news.

I didnt even needed to look at for what PM , Home minister said because they had been repeating the same at least twice a month.
Madam would say: Terrorist are enemies of country and we have to deal with them sternly.
(Excuse me, Soniaji. Thanks. If you had not said, we indians would never realize terrorists are our enemies. Now, Please rush to your Z category den.)

Manmohan says: We will go after these individuals and ….
(He forgets the rest of the stuff Madam taught him to recite in these occasions)

Home minister, actually joker in the pack, recites many versions but make sure he wears each time impressive suits to address media.This time he said, ‘ Before I could reach there , the terrorist who had attacked one of the hospital, the cama hospital had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left”.
(Man, sure, you got a razor sharp tongue but do you think, its enough to tackle the terrorist in action…)

RRPatil, HM, Maharastra: ” in big cities, these small things happen every now and then. Nothing too important”
( Ahhh.. these politicians…SUCKS)


Terrorist Strikes… From the diary – Part 2

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Hey guy’s , actually I was bored every month to see you people planting bombs, explosions that kill common people, government reciting stuffs on media. But this time , you people impressed me. Ask me why? You changed the target to strike. you choose star locations and the action went on for 3 days. Well, casualties or loss of life from high society really had the immediate responses.. One tycoon , declared that 1 year militiary service is must for every citizen and he is going to send his son for a year service.. These glamour and other so called elites got mobilised , media stars and business community turned  vocal, even demanding the government to act.

Thank you Terrorists.This elite section of society and Think Tanks , till that wednesday looked indifferent while you were bombing  bus stands, railway stations. Obviously, in those bomb explosions the only casualties were ordinary people who never had voice and even if some had, never heard by concerned. It is a new beginning as the so called elite business class also started believing like ordinary people, that such disasters could happen to anyone .. anytime.

Shall i? Would you mind, If i request one more favor…or remind you of a half done business. Before we go for elections coming year, complete the parliament attack. Your friends who made the attempt few years back are still waiting death penalty and is njoying life extension. You guys also would be served well by our government.The only loss that would happen is to the poor family whose bread winner would die fighting you people, protecting the duffers inside there.

It is the only way, We Indians could get freedom from these toothless duffers who know just appeasment, votebank politics and a poem to be recited every now and then when you people strike somewhere..

Terrorist Strikes… From the diary – Part 1

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I dont know why I dont feel nationalist this time.Might be bacause I feel hurt or fed up. The attack was on my nation diginity but….

The call to the nation to remain united in the hour of siege is all what I happen to hear everytime and nothing concrete steps ever taken thereafter. Its my feeling that the worst thing one could do to martyr’s is to get them a salute from these politicians.

I from the core of my heart, pay homage to the men who laid down their lives in the line of duty, to those people who risked their lives, acted heroes amidst attacks tense situation.. Also my heartfelt condolences to relatives who lost their near or dear ones perished in this terror attack.

Birthday wishes to you, Reshma

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Hi Reshma,

Wising you Happy Birthday !!

Birthday Wishes to you , sis

Birthday Wishes to you , sis

As you begin another 365 days of trip around the SUN, I wish you more fun and happiness than the previous trip, more love from all NEAR and DEAR.. Have a wonderful time , dear.. love you


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Merry X-Mas

Wishing you all my heartfelt season's greetings...

Skype Problem with Audio Plaback – Ubuntu 8.10

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Step 1:Execute the following commands on your terminal.

$ killall pulseaudio
$ sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio
$ sudo apt-get install esound
$ sudo rm /etc/X11/Xsession.d/70pulseaudio

Step 2 Reboot the system .

Gedit : Tilde Issue

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1. Open gedit
2. Click Edit
3. Click on Preferences
4. Uncheck to tell gedit do not backup working files

To remove all tilde files till now:
$ cd \
$ sudo find . -iname “*~” -type f -exec rm -rf {} \;

Hope this keeps files clean for a check in 😀

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