Terrorist Strikes… From the diary – Part 2

Hey guy’s , actually I was bored every month to see you people planting bombs, explosions that kill common people, government reciting stuffs on media. But this time , you people impressed me. Ask me why? You changed the target to strike. you choose star locations and the action went on for 3 days. Well, casualties or loss of life from high society really had the immediate responses.. One tycoon , declared that 1 year militiary service is must for every citizen and he is going to send his son for a year service.. These glamour and other so called elites got mobilised , media stars and business community turned  vocal, even demanding the government to act.

Thank you Terrorists.This elite section of society and Think Tanks , till that wednesday looked indifferent while you were bombing  bus stands, railway stations. Obviously, in those bomb explosions the only casualties were ordinary people who never had voice and even if some had, never heard by concerned. It is a new beginning as the so called elite business class also started believing like ordinary people, that such disasters could happen to anyone .. anytime.

Shall i? Would you mind, If i request one more favor…or remind you of a half done business. Before we go for elections coming year, complete the parliament attack. Your friends who made the attempt few years back are still waiting death penalty and is njoying life extension. You guys also would be served well by our government.The only loss that would happen is to the poor family whose bread winner would die fighting you people, protecting the duffers inside there.

It is the only way, We Indians could get freedom from these toothless duffers who know just appeasment, votebank politics and a poem to be recited every now and then when you people strike somewhere..


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