Terrorist Strikes.. Great Indian Response

On that thursday , when I got a copy of newspapper, on frontpage newspaper said it loud- It’s war on Mumbai. First thing my mind related it was to England – India ODI series. By the time ,  I realized the actual event , though shocked initially I could digest the news.

I didnt even needed to look at for what PM , Home minister said because they had been repeating the same at least twice a month.
Madam would say: Terrorist are enemies of country and we have to deal with them sternly.
(Excuse me, Soniaji. Thanks. If you had not said, we indians would never realize terrorists are our enemies. Now, Please rush to your Z category den.)

Manmohan says: We will go after these individuals and ….
(He forgets the rest of the stuff Madam taught him to recite in these occasions)

Home minister, actually joker in the pack, recites many versions but make sure he wears each time impressive suits to address media.This time he said, ‘ Before I could reach there , the terrorist who had attacked one of the hospital, the cama hospital had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left”.
(Man, sure, you got a razor sharp tongue but do you think, its enough to tackle the terrorist in action…)

RRPatil, HM, Maharastra: ” in big cities, these small things happen every now and then. Nothing too important”
( Ahhh.. these politicians…SUCKS)


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