what lead to War in Gaza? is all this true?

Be human. Live and Let Live. War is no answer.

If the above is violated so might be sometimes war is the only answer. Media outplays the drama when reaction to being patient on suffering’s is found with war as an answer.

It is always the Human Rights activist role to do this to perfection.

Excerpts for a blog:-
“…Remember those two brave heroes of the jihad who stopped a car driven by an unarmed, pregnant Jewish woman with her four daughters in the car with her? They shot each child and the mother, then put another bullet in her belly for the baby. All of you people who sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs, behold your heroes!”

if one of this comment to one of the blogs is true and below blogs exposes the reason for israel resorting to war seems is the only option.

I think as a country, it cant stand like India, being run by gutless idiotic politicians who cant think more than vote bank politics.

Can’t a nation whose civilians , schools and hospitals where attacked daily with rockets retaliate.Sometimes peace doesnt come just by showing the other cheek and Israel might have suffered a lot before decided for a similiar retaliation..


I invite my friends to share their thoughts. Felt to share the news that many times is not covered in our media for political reasons..


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