ubuntu : torrents, Argouml, VoIP, MSN, Manager

Manager Notes Events : chandler

Voice over Internet Phone: Twinkle

MSN Messenger : amsn

sudo apt-get install amsn


Download qbittorrent_1.2.0-0~getdeb1_i386.deb from getden.net

Requires version or higher of libtorrent-rasterbar0_0.13.1+svn.r2876-1~getdeb1_i386.deb

UML Modelling Design : ArgoUML

It provides the following features:
* Runs on any platform with Java 1.2
* Standard UML Meta-Model
* XMI-Support
* UML Design Editing
* OCL Support
* Database Support
* Several diagram export formats
* Code Generation (partially implemented)
Cognitive Support:
* Reflection-in-action (Design Critics, Corrective Automations (partially implemented), “To Do” List, Checklists, User model (partially implemented))
* Opportunistic Design (“To Do” List, Checklists, Work Breakdown Structure (future))
* Comprehension and Problem Solving (Navigational Perspectives, Multiple, Overlapping Views, Alternative Design Representations: Graphs, Text, or Table, Model-based Graph Layout (future))
* Customization (Customizable User Model (partially implemented), Customizable Process Model (partially implemented), Critic Editor (future), Checklist Editor (future), Corrective Automation Editor (future), Navigational Perspective Editor)
Homepage: http://argouml.tigris.org/


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