Mangalore Pub Violence: For the better I should say


This had been a quick one and obviously lots ofย  grammer or typing mistakes would be there ๐Ÿ™‚


Mangalore had been on the news for fifth day now and the highlight is some youths attacked a pub and assaulted few gals in the pub. Added the coverage was asking the question again and again: Is Mangalore getting talibanized. With the mangalore incident , Let me now pull out some areas to share my thoughts or for media to help us viewers some answer

#0. When drinking had been a issue for family break ups, suffering of many women in our country , does it sound fine to see ladies themselves taking to drinking. what values they are going to pass on to their children? What should we expect of our nations future when we got youth as majority population.

#1. As a viewer, I would also like to know details of the girls who were assualted in the public. Details in the sense, their occupation, age etc. If student, I would be much more curious to know their parents thought. Do they know where their children was spending the pocket money? Did channels check with the victims parents (not just parents ) to know their thoughts ?

#2. Would the girls assaulted come forward and face the camera to share their experience rather show their backs for us ? If they feel, they were having nice time and did nothing wrong, why dont they feel bold enough to share face to face with million of viewers. Also, to the reporter, stop doing melodrama expressions.

#3. How come the media was so ready to take the aggressive unexpected attack to be recorded for a nice 1 week converage?

#4. Doesnt the camera person be also questioned before the court / law for not informing the police authorities to prevent the assualt?

#5. Media blaming the government just because it is BJP running the state affairs fair? Is congress ruled Maharastra safe?

#6. Church and Nuns are attacked even in my state Kerala , and just two days back an incident had occurred with culprits being christians.

#7. In kerala, same video footage and a survey found 55% expressing concern over the incident but near to same 45% saying it was to an extent right.

#8. Is this assualt pre planned for media to do aggressive highlighting and the reporters facial expression while victim shared her ordeal felt artificial, purely staged drama sort.

Few years back, I too was one of those guys who get gals to pub, get a few bottles of beer under the belly , some foot works to njoy background score and ooz out some ‘nice time’ with gals. It was in bangalore where I changed, when I had got my mother and sister joining me for my mother’s medical checkup. For the sake of a timepass chit chatting, I got mom and sis to Jayanagar 4th T block Cafe Coffee day. Well, in just minutes we had to exit. A couple sitting in the couch were smooching publicly much to the discomfort of many. Well , this experience actually made me rethink. From that day, I never ever did anything which I myself would not approve someone else to do and make me feel uncomfortable. But that day, that moment when I was with my mother and sis, I was getting so angry and controlled that, if I had blasted, I would have kicked their brains out.

My take on it is that, ‘Good , happened for the better’ though I dont approve violence. Like the way some of us dont do sin fearing God, some of us dont do stuffs fearing law, there should also be some fear of unexpected community policing (if not culture policing). I am sure, get the victims parents and victims to face the camera, things would get much clearer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thing i would add here, am i mixing my thoughts with public place ( family spots ) sexual acts to private spots ( like bars or pubs ).. ? well might be ๐Ÿ˜€ Why I said sexual acts not drinking is that mangalore has always been a education center and students just dont seem that mature. As far as I know, any where say for eg:- summerland or someshwar beaches or any place to sneak in, sex and fun is what students mean with ‘good time’ or some ‘fun time’.

Man, one star entrprenuer lady NDTV interviewed who says herself as mother was so cool arguing that If I dont bother what my daughter is doing why should the world be. My thought to her is , let she be dont care for her children, let her children drink and sleep with anyone, but I would not like my family or near and dear ones be affected with one rotten child of hers.


One Response to “Mangalore Pub Violence: For the better I should say”

  1. I think Indian culture is happening while you are busy trying to protect it. No one can stop what is coming. Regressive demands can never compete with progressive energy – irrespective of the culture hype. Unless if you keep a fearful and brainwashed nation. Some things which you hold romantic about your life will die – so is life – giving way to new matters. If you do not allow change, you have not read Indian scriptures carefully.

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