Mangalore Pub Violence : Women Commission startling finding

Was the Victims really victims of assault  or was gals addressed right by the assualters : ‘Pro*****utes’

NDTV bring us the truth and let us know what was happening in there actually. Hope you would show the same aggressiveness as before 😀

Wow!! That was a nice finding from the women commission who visited the mangaloe pub which was attacked few days back. The Pub had not followed the license guidelines and there was a sheer security lapse.

Pub had license to server food and liquor to its hotel inmates but the girls or the ‘so-called’ victims were not staying as guests in the hotel. The pub claims they were staying at the hotel though their records does not support this statement.

If the above pub owners statement is true and Girls NDTV stage statement that – ‘ we were having some nice fun time’ is to be read together , it seems they were unwinding themselves in the pub after a very committed FUN TIME inside the hotel.

Mr. Chief Minister, people and media who were shouting at you for not being serious , show them how damn serious you are with this issue and how strong you would act upon the PUB. Ball is in your court .. Play it well . Wishes 🙂


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