Appeasment and Affair settlement :)

Let me follow up a chain of events which all should have read together and the entire picture becomes clear.First let me mention three incidents and then build up the story in the fact finding and analysis mode.

Scene #1. An cultural group became in the headlines for the extremist stand on cultural positioning and passing strict warning against western influence in the CITY Mango.

Scene #2. A minister cum dad worried about his daughters relation with a guy who happen to be from a different religion. He wanted to get rid of this guy by any means.

Scene #3. The ministers party was gearing up for election and was amidst a campaign march from north to south. Party needed some riot or similiar event to happen so that they could protest and raise voice against it while they enter the minority district. Party knew that only place is north or neighbouring city and so send the confidential message to minister.

Scene #4. Minister plans it like a old malayalam movie. In this movie, the daughter is kidnapped and later released. Here , minister plans it to happen while daughter is on her way to college from home, and also the guy who needs to become victim also be with her.

Now let us bring all the facts to execution:

Ministers daughter boards the bus and without her knowledge a party worker also boards. The driver and the conductor also are hired for the purpose to adjust for the game execution. As wished, the guy boards the bus half way so that daughter gets enuf time to make sure things are safe. The party worker signals game requirement all set to team in city while the girl and boy were busy having some fun.

As planned at the city entry circle , the driver slows, conductors co-ooperates and party worker points the girl and the boy who gets kidnapped and is taken to colony. There the girl is set free without even being beaten up, even dropped to a nearby police station and the guy got beaten up… really very very badly. he would never dare to talk to this girl again he he

Later minister reaches the spot visits the daughter and the victim, raises protest agains the extremist group so that party could use it to appease the minority in their campaign. The government acts tough , arrest all the culprits and then when comes the real facts of kidnapping. At this point, the daughter who was so vocal of how the city is becoming insecure slowly backs out and stops appearing from identifying the culprits  or help the legal system.

Result wastage of time of government, judiciary. Benefit only for the party and media. Media should always have two teams to review in ‘for’ and ‘against’ mode on a sensational news so that new facts or possibilities exposed.

Well why should the daughter or minister be so interested when daughter wanted to save her esteem and minister got some publicity for himself , a possible seat in coming election, and party a topic to appease minorities.


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