Reliance Broadband: Gunda / Rowdy Service at your desk

Well, this blog is experience of my brother with Reliance Broadband. In the hometown of ours , he had to work for a client and he wanted a internet connection broadband badly. There was only two providers and they were

1. Reliance and 2. BSNL.

Reliance claimed instant connectivity and BSNL needed 3 weeks. So my brother decided to take up a Reliance connection and subscribed on Feb/03/2009 .

To pull the lines, it took 3 business days. Then to get the account activate .. WE  dont know. We were given a username and password after 7 business days as  username = ebb /  password = telecom.

After a 2 days , this stopped working. So WE contacted the guy heading Reliance Webworld, one Mr. Manoj.  He promised to revert back and didnt do . So again we followed up but no help. He would not pick the call and didnt for next 2 days.

We went to Reliance webworld and he started acting again and brother mentioned his displeasure with service and connection.

So after 2 hours of sitting there, we finally got a new userid . It is

242873960743. We queried about the receipt for the 1000 rs paid on feb / 03 / 2009 but Mr. Manoj said would provide with the field guy who would come to set up telephone connection. We thought fine. ok.

Again after few days the userid came authentication failed. On contacting , again Mr. Manoj attended the call for the first time and then after some flattering promises again never picked the call. So this time , I used the landline and there he goes with his pricky voice over the other end. He again promised to look in to and never did revert back. Finally , again next day we went to Reliance Webworld and spend 2 hours to get a active userid. We got new one this time as :

userid: 230139535675

After a few days , same authentication problem. It was so critical yesterday as my brothers software was to be ready for a client demo in US  and since the net was not working for past 2 days he in panic mode was going on following up. This includes going to local booths to try the contact numbers since Mr. Manoj never attends the call after first time.

Brother tried 6 times till late night 8:30 PM from 6 local std booths to reach this Manoj that finally found his mobile switched off. Last thing Manoj promised was that he would contact ernakulam and get the userid working by night.

Nothing happened and brother attended the client on phone for 30 minutes and got consideration from client as this was not my brothers fault.The demo got postponed to March 03 / 2009 but brother fed up called up Reliance webworld and requested them to get his telephone at home on the connection and also a permanently active net connection that does not give this much headache. Again nothing happened.

Before going to Reliance webworld, brother and myself went to BSNL Office, submitted our broadband application and detailed our plight and the experience we had with Reliance broadband. He was considerate enough that he immediately processed our application and promised at the worst 24 hours to provide us a active high speed broadband. Then we went to the reliance webworld and brother was a bit pissed of the different excuses this Manoj gives for the delay of getting a active connection and telephone.

The only comment my brother said while walking out was , ‘ in business we should value our own words, The govt. offices are much better compared to Reliance as I had dropped to office in every two days and You were disgusting at that chair. ‘

As we were walking out, this guy and other two of his assistants rounded up and went ahead to beat brother. Brother and myself were wondering about the quality of the Reliance service . The DNA of the company comes from the people who owns the business and the company owners ,Reliance goonda attitude was clearly visible. This is what Reliance customer service and customer support is all about.

I had told my brother that if AIRTEL is there , we should take their connection since my post paid connection bills were always pretty decent  digits and from day one  I was taken care well by the Airtel support  at the very first concern call.

Later while sharing this incident with friends today, few of them suggested TATA service best at places they got range. As a backup we would take either of them with the BSNL as our primary connection.

Reliance Connection : WORST EVER ONE CUD THINK OF..

AIRTEL / BSNL / Tata : BSNL best, AIRTEL and TATA service heard as nice.

The above is my witness account and is true . Please dont take Reliance connection even if you dont have any option as Reliance employes dumb ass***es.

Witnessed at : Reliance Web World, HB ARCADE, Govt Hospital Road, Payyannur. Ph: 04983329777

Note:  The 1000 Rs Receipt was given in one of the many visits he made yesterday to Reliance web world which he had paid on feb 03 / 2009.

receipt number : 17000014618491


Reliance really sucks with its services like Reliance Insurance which never gets you the premium bond or reciepts. They would take money and say , the premium bond or receipts is not in stock and would get to you asap.

Reliance Broadband is the worst and after moving to BSNL internet experience got better , I should say Reliance guys should sell bangles that includes the top management for they got no idea how to handle a issue, what customer really broadband usernames and password.

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15 Responses to “Reliance Broadband: Gunda / Rowdy Service at your desk”

  1. […] Reliance Broadband and my experience … 😦 I am reliance broadband customer though hopefully would opt out from coming month. As a entrepreneur myself looking after the operations of a small startup IT firm in bangalore, I would say the below at any occasion after the experience we had. This mail is about the disgusting service offered to Reliance Broadband customers. Please dont take Reliance broadband or related service as they keep staffs who seems gundas who dont even bother to work. The entire one month trouble is posted at my blog space for my readers. Reliance Broadband: Gunda Service at your desk Saffrongeek’s Diarylog […]

    • really bad you had to face so much problem.. but i am surprised since i and also many of my friends use reliance broadband + since the last few months and the service has been great.. right from the delivery till date.. y dont u contact the broadband dept at dhirubhai ambani knowledge city, mumbai.

      • saffrongeek Says:

        hi Ravi,

        Thanks for your comment but I think. soon you would change your thought above 😀 .

        The problem to here is that ‘so-called’ Anil Ambani got no control over the area I have trouble , since in my area , issue happened in the broadband section which is using the same space of Reliance web world and Reliance web world see to broad band affairs.

        Reliance Broadband people from cochin shrugged it off sayin they got no control and authority to interfere in a subject happened in Reliance web world and Reliance web world says the opposite, calling broad band is not in their scope.

        Nice corporate structuring.. isnt it.

  2. saffrongeek Says:

    Reliance Broadband Connection Summary

    userid / passwords
    ebb / telecom
    230139535675 / broadnet
    242873960743 / broadnet

    Paid the Reliance WEB world Rs 1000/- on Feb, 03 , 2009
    GOT receipt on Feb 24, 2009 after madly following it up
    Receipt Number:- 17000014618491
    NEVER received the line active nor the reliance phone

    Reliance Web world
    PHONE:- 0498 33 29 777

    MY Address:- Just Opposite Reliance WEB WORLD
    IN DISTANCE:- 100+ meters
    Phone Number:- +91 999 5 88 69 21

    UT 300R2 Ethernet ADSL Modem
    S/No T004PE43a187BO24994
    Wired Connection

    Contacted all and that includes
    Customer Care at Reliance
    broadband at Reliance
    Reliance Communication
    10 Reliance Nodal Officers
    10 Reliance Appellate Body

    Status: Seems would never get a support from Reliance

  3. […] to attend. Even to help others from such a experience I have posted a blog in my blogspace: Reliance Broadband: Gunda Service at your desk Saffrongeek’s Diarylog Now thinking of forming a anti reliance gunda culture website and also moving legally in consumer […]

  4. send a mail to, giving all the details of ur problem. Trust me, some actions would be taken, but you need to wait for some time.

  5. I wonder what the Reliance world is doing , claims all big stuffs but when it comes to delivery they really seems wastes. If they cant give a quality service just opposite Reliance web world and that too only with 40 + customers to say to credit, I think Reliance should stop the internet services they offer leaving it to other players and realize that they are not worth the great visionary who founded Reliance.

    By the way, this Reliance web world in payyannur has a pre history of being gunda attitude with few other customers. These customers where screwed up like anything with Reliance Net Down for days in series

  6. yep! BSNL dataone new connection within 24 hours of submitting the application… Whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Really delighted to associate with BSNL as a broadband customer.

  7. Airtel also is best like BSNL. I also agree to the fact that where range is strong, TATA is also a option with good service.

  8. Bro, it sure shud have been a frustrating february with Reliance eating your time and thoughts…

    Sorry to know this but at last you are with a good servive provider BSNL.. Relax

  9. really….. cant believe Reliance could turn like this…? well , forget them..

  10. Truely said Hareesh.

    The worst service in BB section is by Reliance.
    Experienced at my own office 🙂

  11. […] 1: What happened in the month of February? To know Read this blog […]

  12. pls give me the user id 1024 kpbs pls

  13. any one getting problem with reliance broadband send me details to my mail id. i will help

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