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Accent Correction : Oxford

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I have crossed the ocean
I have lost my tongue
From the root of the old one
A new one has sprung.

– my diary says, courtesy : Grace Nicholas


Listen Mr. Oxford Don

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Me not an oxford don
Me a simple immigrant
from claphan common
I didnt graduate
I immigrate.

I ent have no gun
I ent have no knife
but mugging de Queen’s English
is the story of life.

I dont need no axe  to split up yu syntax
I dont need no hammer  to mash up yu grammer

Dont accuse me of assault
on de Oxford dictionary
imagine a concise peaceful man like me
Dem want me servetime
for inciting rhyme to riot.

I am not a violent man Mr. Oxford don
I only armed with human breath
but human breath
is a dangerous weapon.

– Lines from John Aghards , Listen Mr. Oxford don, who had been a prominent voice in the caribbean culture of Britain.
– Reposting it from old diary as a token of thanks to Indu met few years back in a  Training program.

md5 check sum and use : Linux

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md5sum is a utility which could help you cross check a package is intact and did not got corrupt. These days, all linux distros got this utility.

How to use md5sum to check files:

1. Open a terminal. Go to Application -> Accessories -> Terminal

2. Type md5sum –v and this would get you the versions

3. Say you hav a package downloaded from a server and you need to check whether it is intact.

Go to the directory where you have the package downloaded in terminal and pass md5sum {filename} . For eg:-

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~/Downloads$ md5sum drupal.file

4. This would give you a one line on the screen like for eg:- 1c31826760f32ad04b758c282b846f4a  drupal.file. Cross check the provided checksum with generated and if same the file is intact and same as in server.

At first sight , let me realize new things..

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I happen to watch the movie, ‘At first sight’ based on the real life of Mr. Barbara and Shirl Jennings. Actors in the movie playing Barbara was Mira Sorving and Shirl by Val Kilmer.

I was so moved by the movie that in between went power went got me so mad, but thank god , power came and I was back watching such a touching movie.. It was really new to me to know how would a person blind for years , would accept the visual world, colors , objects, actions or events and many.. I think, the movie was really desribing the phycological strain one goes through when they start transiting from one world to a totally new world which appears a parent world to his old world..

I was so moved about how one would feel when moves from one world , finds things , struggles to hold on move ahead learning things and unfortunately happens to fall back to previous world…

I find his friend mentioning in comments to the “The blog of death” , that Jennings was ready to take all the ordeal again for if could see again.. I can find the thousand emotions and feelings he might have had while he said those words.

It was really inspiring added very touching movie.

From the premiere news on “At First sight” View

Blog mentioning his death and Comments from his friends : View

Movie Information: At first sight  View

Kopete : Perfect messenger for accounts

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I was trying to find a alternative option to yahoo messenger in Ubuntu as the Yahoo supported package is near to lost and got lot of dependencies to go through. Few alternatives i tried is

PIDGIN: I think one of the simplest and elegant messenger. Can have it work for multi accounts. DISADV: No webcam of video or audio conferencing available.

GATCHY: Man , God save me. Set it up seems I am for a marathon. Never worked.

Ekiga: It hangs forever after trying for network checking. But I find a lot of good words in the forums and so this wud be my personal comment.

Kopete: Wheww! I think this is cool. Open your terminal and run the command to install kopete.

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install kopete

it sets up, add account and you got in. I do find video working but i need to explore further as sometimes it crashes while sending requests to view my webcam.ALT + F4 needs to be rescue point to kill request window to come out of freeze 🙂

Also, another issue is with kfmclient service not found.Could not launch the browser:Could not find service ‘kfmclient’.

I think this bug could be resolved with installing the package “kubuntu-desktop”. i found this link much useful

Bring freshness in love : Tips Set 3

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  • To be really romantic ask them to pick a number between 1 and 50 , then reward them with that number of kisses!!
  • Make a habit of taking a stroll after dinner every evening. Women fall in love through their ears , men fall in love through their eyes.

Bring freshness in love : Tips Set 2

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  • You will both need security, comfort. A good relationship is built on compromise and a great deal of give and take on both sides.
  • Give love freely and it will come back to you.
  • Seek to be good for others and dont tear them down. People like to be with those who make them feel good and who are good for them.
  • when buying presents for them make a list of what you can gift and decide what would be best.
  • Before you prepare your list of items that you could gift them decide about your budget.
  • Call them at work and ask – Is this the office of the mose beautiful / handsome woman / man in the world!  you can feel them smile on the other side!
  • Give them the gift of time ( wristwatch ) with this description – I will always have time for you. They will surely wear it everyday!
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