BSNL Dataone !! Wow

The excitement is about a government owned service being so prompt and quick.

BSNL subscriber id is 100005115495

As I shared before, I am exhausted and fed up with Reliance which gave connection but does not work even while I write this post. Lot of calls, walks to Reliance web world, Emails to customer cares, broadbands, Request send via contact us form in Reliance website, Nodal Officers, Appelated ID’s.Well , to be brief: Came to know of Sitting Ducks in India’s corporate world.

BSNL , i submitted the application and whewww! I get a call from the BSNL office the very next day. I could just not believe my ears. I am just glad and to be honest delighted with BSNL and no matter what some of the people would say, I think this one thing would keep me ignore any of the issues that might come later.

Thanks BSNL! It was wonderful to know you !! I am glad I become a part of your customers.


5 Responses to “BSNL Dataone !! Wow”

  1. Somya Gupta Says:

    can u please tell me where to apply…

  2. saffrongeek Says:

    HI Somya,

    Thanks for the query as I would be glad to post some pointers on your query.

    Its very simple. Go to the BSNL office ( exchange ) and at the enquiry table , ask them the broadband form. Do get your dad or mom on whose name you have a BSNL telephone connection at home as they are the applicant and your name cud be mentioned in optional column in form. Also they need to sign the form. So if you have your dad or mom to fill and sign this broadband application , you could complete the submitting of application in 5 minutes.

    No need to pay any money while submitting as it comes along with your telephone monthly bill.

    I am sure, based on your exchange capacity, it shoud not take more than 5 days. Also note that give the application at the earliest as here in BSNL they give connection twice a month in batches.

    Cheers buddy 🙂

  3. Very nice to hear a goverment own company service is best

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  5. BSNL is the best man.My own experience

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