Reliance is a holy mess with Reliance web world and Broadband in one roof

Part 1: What happened in the month of February? To know Read this blog post..

Part 2: BSNL came as a great relief : Read how BSNL delights

Part 3: Today had talks with Mr.sarath and Mr.Vijay Sai ( Project co-ordinators and Channel Partners )

I got a call from Mumbai Reliance on 02/March/2009 , saying they are from corporate office and has read my mail. I explained the issues and troubles happened with Reliance connection in brief to this person. The number was  +91 22 30 38 44 00. He promised me that Reliance would look in to the matter and would resolve it.

The same day, I got a call from Cochin Office. It was VijaySai who heard my story again. He promised me that he would look in to this issue and address my concerns and would apologize from the company side after resolving issues. The number he called was  +91 484 30 31 340. He told me that 3 of them are coming to meet me in Reliance web world on 03/March/2009. I didnt want to go to Reliance web world again to see the attitude of the guys who got in to handling physically pissed off customer.But VijaySai assured support and service and no gunda service and so finally I nodded yes.

I waited the whole day on 03/March/2009 cancelling my bangalore trip after todays demo.At 5:50 I gave a call to Vijai Sai’s number and told him that again it seems Reliance missed there word.But I think he was sincere and what he said was true. Sarath, Project Co-Ordinator , was there in Reliance web world.

Today to my surprise, out of the box, Vijai Sai gave a tinkle at 8:55 AM and mentioned his interest to meet his colleague Mr. Sarath and on voice conference we agreed to meet in Reliance web world. I briefed Sarath about everything, showed him what happened and also got him interact with shop owners who witnessed man handling.

So, there are lots of surprises that I came to know.

#1. My account was long cancelled . I questioned Sarath , how could you do without my consent when already a issue is not resolved. how could without my written consent they delete my connection userid if any. So this is Manoj’s decision.

#2. I hear Mr. Pavithran, a name which came to give me service yesterday but never came a person. so it cud be Reliance namesake service.

#3. Mr. Sarath later after we wrapped our talks told me that Mr. Manoj reports to Mr. Vijay Sai but Sarath himself cant share the names and designation of other two temporary employees who together with Manoj goes for man handling customers.

#4. Mr. Vijay Sai , after Sarath briefed my concerns , on call with me told that he is part of this stuff because it involves broadband and else he would never would have intervened. Manoj owns Reliance web world and so the temporary employees doesnt come in Reliance scope. So for sure they are gundas who Manoj uses to avoid frequent customers.

What more, broadband has got no relation with Reliance web world but in Payyannur , broadband service is owned by same guy Manoj and happens within reliance web world.So I am sure would not get neither a good connection, nor a good support and after all , if Manoj is with whom Reliance exists in Payyannur, I dont want to even look there.

So , overall, my conclusion is that ” You dont expect any help or assistance from Reliance as they are not bothered at all. It seems Reliance has got a mess giving Reliance webworld guys to look after broadband and when issues like this happen they start saying jurisdiction and scope like it happens between local police and railway police.

Also, they are interested to even talk only if I am interested in keeping the connection and my query on how do you expect me to get support when the local broadband guy is the Gunda here and the culprit, they got no answers…

I am done and totally wasted my time thinking this Reliance is worth a corporate and some corporate culture exists within but no. and I should say dont hope so also as there is lot of ‘*’ applied which would surface when issues like this happen.


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