Bring freshness in love : Tips Set 2

  • You will both need security, comfort. A good relationship is built on compromise and a great deal of give and take on both sides.
  • Give love freely and it will come back to you.
  • Seek to be good for others and dont tear them down. People like to be with those who make them feel good and who are good for them.
  • when buying presents for them make a list of what you can gift and decide what would be best.
  • Before you prepare your list of items that you could gift them decide about your budget.
  • Call them at work and ask – Is this the office of the mose beautiful / handsome woman / man in the world!  you can feel them smile on the other side!
  • Give them the gift of time ( wristwatch ) with this description – I will always have time for you. They will surely wear it everyday!

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