At first sight , let me realize new things..

I happen to watch the movie, ‘At first sight’ based on the real life of Mr. Barbara and Shirl Jennings. Actors in the movie playing Barbara was Mira Sorving and Shirl by Val Kilmer.

I was so moved by the movie that in between went power went got me so mad, but thank god , power came and I was back watching such a touching movie.. It was really new to me to know how would a person blind for years , would accept the visual world, colors , objects, actions or events and many.. I think, the movie was really desribing the phycological strain one goes through when they start transiting from one world to a totally new world which appears a parent world to his old world..

I was so moved about how one would feel when moves from one world , finds things , struggles to hold on move ahead learning things and unfortunately happens to fall back to previous world…

I find his friend mentioning in comments to the “The blog of death” , that Jennings was ready to take all the ordeal again for if could see again.. I can find the thousand emotions and feelings he might have had while he said those words.

It was really inspiring added very touching movie.

From the premiere news on “At First sight” View

Blog mentioning his death and Comments from his friends : View

Movie Information: At first sight  View


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