Listen Mr. Oxford Don

Me not an oxford don
Me a simple immigrant
from claphan common
I didnt graduate
I immigrate.

I ent have no gun
I ent have no knife
but mugging de Queen’s English
is the story of life.

I dont need no axe  to split up yu syntax
I dont need no hammer  to mash up yu grammer

Dont accuse me of assault
on de Oxford dictionary
imagine a concise peaceful man like me
Dem want me servetime
for inciting rhyme to riot.

I am not a violent man Mr. Oxford don
I only armed with human breath
but human breath
is a dangerous weapon.

– Lines from John Aghards , Listen Mr. Oxford don, who had been a prominent voice in the caribbean culture of Britain.
– Reposting it from old diary as a token of thanks to Indu met few years back in a  Training program.


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