md5 check sum and use : Linux

md5sum is a utility which could help you cross check a package is intact and did not got corrupt. These days, all linux distros got this utility.

How to use md5sum to check files:

1. Open a terminal. Go to Application -> Accessories -> Terminal

2. Type md5sum –v and this would get you the versions

3. Say you hav a package downloaded from a server and you need to check whether it is intact.

Go to the directory where you have the package downloaded in terminal and pass md5sum {filename} . For eg:-

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~/Downloads$ md5sum drupal.file

4. This would give you a one line on the screen like for eg:- 1c31826760f32ad04b758c282b846f4a  drupal.file. Cross check the provided checksum with generated and if same the file is intact and same as in server.


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