Slumdog Millionaire: Another Unnecessary hype

Finally, I felt to blog my thoughts on SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

It is just another over hyped stuff and from an Indian perspective falls below average Indian standards in all areas of creativity, story theme even Rehmaan touch to songs. ‘SM’ made over majority indian viewers wonder what got the movie award. Rahman , over the past years had created many bests and his contribution in ‘SM’ for sure was not at all the great. I feel , this movie though got no new stuff for us or bollywood viewers, might be western viewers felt a fresh theme.

Ok, leave about the quality of movie. There are two aspects which makes me feel sad.

#1. Slumdog millionaire comes no where to another Indian movie ‘Taare Zameen par’. Though TZP did not got a Oscar berth, this movie touched millions, changed all perceptions and attitude towards every child / human. Story board, songs, Movie message , social impact… everything was excellent. This makes me wonder what is the minimum requirements to be considered for awards.

#2. After the hype, winning awards SM would be just like other movies from Indian soil which won but once focused on marketing and reaping revenue of hype , would forget to give back to society a share of the success. I feel so because I happen to watch a show on one of the Indian TV channels with Slumdog Millionaire award winners and crew . The show gave me an impression that they got no plans even to adopt the slum or child actors from the slum who acted to make this movie happen, the slum which helped bring the locality background. Cant people behind pass a token of thanks back to society.

#a. Few years back, a Indian movie based on a girl won award at cannes . After 5 years, once slumdog millionaire hype came, media checked whereabouts of this child. She is now in sonalganj, red street area in Indian state, west bengal. Being part of award winning movie got her more demand at the very tender age. Now she is 15 yrs old and one of the sex worker. 😦

#b. Shafiq Syed , won national award for his performance in Mira Nair’s Oscar nominated file ‘Salaam Mumbai’. Now after years, he drives a rented auto cab in Bangalore, India.


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