Skype: ”Problem with Audio Capture / Playback” resolved with alsamixer

This post is the different alternatives that could work or possible lead to a solution. Few of them worked for me in one or the many occasions.This includes all my observations and some might not be related to context as well, yet informative to me.

Using skype if you are getting the error, ”Problem with Audio Capture” or “Problem with Audio Playback” , we could fix this issue with few checks and settings. I might not be systematic but I am following the stuffs I tried on a trial and check basis and finally got it fixed.

/////////////////////////////////// SKYPE SETTINGS->SOUND DEVICES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

1. Go to Options->sound devices , Sound in, out and ringing is set to default device as shown in the snap below.

- Options Sound devices

- Options Sound devices


//////////////////// Checking your headset to record using mic built-in or external/////////////////////////////////

2. Go to Applications->Sound & Video->Sound Recorder

Check whether the mic is helping you to record your voice .


After this , I heard using kmix is easy , could help resolve the issue and so decided to go for it and explore how it helps.

3. Opened a terminal and installed kmix as below:

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install kmix

Note: I still need to explore what this is all about 😉


4. Opened a termical and installed kubuntu-desktop

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Note: This popped up a ‘gdm’ or ‘kdm’ to choose and i choose the later , resulting in a lower graphics for me to opt for. Still , I feel comfortable and agrees to this.


Ok, feeling nothing could solve my issue , I wondered whether my adding ‘-a alsa’  in the SM player Audio box could be trouble. I tried with this removed yet the problem persists.

I was wondering now on the fact that, when i open up ‘Volume Controller( Alsa Mixer) , all my settings in the ‘PLAYBACK’ tab is active , but settings in the ‘RECORDING’ tab seems all muted. Even if set active , once closed and Volume Controller reopened, the recording is still in muted state.

Checking whether it is something buggy with UI , I tried below command

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~$ alsamixer

Default view opened up with command alsamixer

Default view opened up with command alsamixer

It opened up the Volumn Controller UI in terminal as below images. Image one is the ‘view’ default . Others are ‘capture’ and ‘all’.

Tab key lets you choose views and navigation keys + 'space' key + 'M' key helps navigate each setting parameter and toggle

Tab key lets you choose views and navigation keys + 'space' key + 'M' key helps navigate each setting parameter and toggle

To switch to view/capture/all user views, you could use the ‘TAB’ key from keyboard. You could move from different settings by using RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys and slide up and down with UP and DOWN keys.

Tabbing to ‘CAPTURE’ settings view, you should find the capture /1/2 . Pressing space would show in red fonts ‘L/R Capture’  or ‘____’ . I hope the added screen shot would help further convey how to set this up. Once done you could quit usign ‘ESC’ key.


When I checked my skype with a test call and a client call, yes it worked perfectly and I was able to make call and hear and talk fine.

Hope this post contains some information to be POINTERS to another Ubunut guy stuck with skype ‘Playback/Capture’ issues. Let me know if I was wrong somewhere , please. Thanks.


2 Responses to “Skype: ”Problem with Audio Capture / Playback” resolved with alsamixer”

  1. In the capture tab ( Image) , the capture 1 and capture 2 is kept set.Please set them as NOT SET. This is done with pressing right arrow key to navigate and using down arrow key to lower the range. Capture is only the required and capture 1/2 is not needed to be set.

    Also make sure Digital is set well. This solves.

    Note: Occasionally , you might need to invoke alsamixer but still this is one solution handy.

  2. i use Debian 4.0 x86-64 bit, the sound card is Intel HD audio driver, the chipset is Realtek ID 662, even i tuned the capture to 100100,but the voice recorder program still record hi-frequency noise.can anyone help

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