Amma , sorry

Days passed by so fast. I never able to realize it as I was amidst lot of things. Still, luckily this time took the risk of being with my nephew and have some fun , moments with him. I am glad about being with him and pranks we had. Love you Abhi..But

Suddenly, when sister decided to go back yesterday, it was a shock. He has just started calling me ‘ mama’ clearly. After this , it was tough for me to look at mother. The tears in her eyes makes me feel bad, helpless.The grandmother feelings are many fold and I happen to realize it after I told Amma that sister plans to leave to her house in a day or two. The expression that came for moment, the freeze that happened on her facial muscles, tears that took just seconds to come out.

Sorry , Amma. You know your daughter right. No body can change it. I never will be for she is just not bothered to think of all, try to review herself. I know, you would be again looking forward to be with Abhi , to be with him, to see him grow.

Sorry for now but I would try my best to help you be with Abhi for some more time.


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