Ubuntu : Internet Explorer in Linux [ ielinux]

Internet Explorer for linux Explored as I needed to review my websites cross browser compatibility. Let me pull the activity / efforts and also references which was used to get it all working.

Open the Software Sources menu by going to System->Administration->Software Sources. Then select the Third Party Software tab and click Add.

copy and paste deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt intrepid main #WineHQ – Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” and Click ‘Add source’.

Dowload the scott’s key from http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/Scott%20Ritchie.gpg.

Open the Software Sources menu by going to System->Administration->Software Sources. Then select the Authentication tab and click ‘Import key’ and select the downloaded key file above.


To install Wine yet, go to Applications->Add/Remove and search for Wine or type the command ‘sudo apt-get install wine’ .


To install cabextract which comes default with OS, Click System->Administration->Synaptic package Manager. Type in quick filter ‘ cabextract’ and Apply and close.


We got ie4linux dependencies resolved now let us download and intall ielinux as below.

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~$ cd Desktop/
saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~/Desktop$ wget http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
–2009-04-24 11:11:19–  http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/downloads/ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
Resolving http://www.tatanka.com.br…
Connecting to http://www.tatanka.com.br||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 332341 (325K) [application/x-tar]
Saving to: `ies4linux-latest.tar.gz’

100%[===================================================================================================================>] 332,341     34.9K/s   in 8.9s

2009-04-24 11:11:29 (36.3 KB/s) – `ies4linux-latest.tar.gz’ saved [332341/332341]

saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~/Desktop$ tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~/Desktop$ cd ies4linux-*
saffrongeek@saffrongeek-laptop:~/Desktop/ies4linux-$ ./ies4linux


Cheers :)

Cheers 🙂

So we got the stuff done and working .. 🙂

References :



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