Life is just matter decided in every second…

We both were back home to go on a spiritual journey for 3 days . We had planned to be strict vegetarian, fasting and follow religious rituals to get a feel of spirituality. So , as soon as I had reached home, I jumped to bed for getting enough sleep that I missed the following night as I was travelling back home.

It was the telephone tinkle that woke me up and over the other end it was Binu, my friend. He called me up to check whether I am ready to join him for a 40km biking to bank but I was not interested. Added , I told him to pick me up later so that we could do shopping and buy prayer offerings for our trip.

I never used to say ‘NO’ to him but this time i did. Wondering how I was able to decline my childhood friends wish for my company on bike, I got myself refreshed with a nice bath and tiffin. At 10 AM, I was at work as we had migrated the portal to live location yet it was not completed. There was some zipping happened to all files individually and I have to revert it back to earlier status.

Once done , and all preview working fine, send the client the status update and realizing Binu has not yet called me ,I gave a tinkle to his home. It was his grandmother who attended the call and the very next thing I heard was she crying and few words I could make out .. One word she said was ‘accident’ . I heard it clear and I just froze..

All things came and passedby in a flash. One was , what if I was sitting behind the bike while the bus from behind hit and the bike skidded to other side of the road pulling both of us together for the bus from opposite to run over… Then came the thought , no, how is Binu? I felt to reach to his home and I rushed like anything…

In the meantime, Binus dad who did not agree to Doctors decision to ampute the lef decided to take the risk of taking him to hospital where best neuro-surgeon is also available. It was the bold and wise decision he made.. I could say now for medical college just amputes without any expertise it seems. In AJ Hospital, mangalore, he got best attention and after 2 weeks in ICU and by now , 8 plastic surgeries( skin grafting) and other operations he is back to life.

I never saw him cry but when i visited him few days back, tears filled his eyes amidst talks. It seems like in this summer he is gettting too tired and added the skin grafting series took all his skin round the thighs. Physiotherapy adds to the pain but I hope he remains strong and recovers well.

I wonder, why GOD gives all this pain. Three years back , he met with car accident in Dubai and just got well ( yet to remove the rods on his other leg) when all this again happened. I cant think how he might have felt when he was tossed by bus from behind and settled under a bus from opposite side.. Those machine buzzes and engins sounds and the pain one has to go through….

Buddy, I miss you. Recover soon. Remember , You are being missed every second and so get well and take me for a ride to our favorite Ezhimala Beach. Deal?


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  1. touchy……

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