They killed my GrandFather..

GrandFather stays with younger brother since He gave all his properties and wealth to him under the assurance that younger brother would look after him later. My dad who was not interested and never appeared greedy was open to the idea and it was this way grandfather remained back with dad’s younger brother.

We never knew how bad his state was he was not feeling well and his youngest son was just not bothered to take him to hospital. After terribly weak, one neighbour got the taxi and and grandfather himself went to hospital and got him admitted. This Driver called up Dad and by the time Dad reached , younger brother was there and had done the damange control.

Two days later, I was asked to come to visit GrandFather. I went hesitantly for I never saw this grandfather or got his care from the days i remember. Well, I visited him ICU, passed a smile hoping he would recover soon and came outside. As I joined dad and his younger brother, I could hear he telling dad that he is not able to open his restaurant due to this and his business is at loss. Well Dad offered him that he could go back and Dad would take care of grandfather. He didnt liked the idea since Grandfather on the first day at hospital had mentioned that He is feeling sorry for he could not give his elder son anything. He downplayed the situation and forced us to leave.

After 30 minutes, Dad gets a call. It was his younger brother. News: Grandfather passed away when the machine was removed.

If Doctor feels that he might recover and we should wait for few days of observation, what we would do. We should follow right but what if one is just bothered about money spend at hospital and business loss….forgetting that grandfather had given him wealth for his 2-3 generations to live easily…


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