Being good from core begins with simple acts of concern and love

Down with Fever, I felt to settle in the swinging chair in the verandah to relax njoying the monsoon showers.. As I was just settled , I saw an old man walking in to the compound through the open gates. He appeared walking slowly with very cautious steps making the best of the support stick.

I didnt move from chair and gave voice to mother to give him alms as I was totally exhausted and shivering because of fever. The old man came , stopped and seeing me sitting on the chair started to say pointing towards the tap in the courtyard. His tamil was too tough to understand but the intensity and instinct conveyed that he lost something very needed.

As I was just wondering what he might be trying to convey, mother came to verandah with alms. As soon as he saw mother , he started to repeat the same stuffs again with much intensity. The next thing I heard was mother confirming whether he lost it and he nodded. He then turned towards me and this time I was able to make out what he was trying to say.

It seems last month when he came for alms , mother had given him considering his oldage a new shirt of father. He was very much excited. He felt to wear it and in the evening he settled somewhere near to temple pond, went to take bath. But by the time he was back, someone else has took the shirt. Saying this , his face was covered with sadness and mother felt really bad knowing this. She started further statements like “someone knowing you might have taken it”, “dont worry” and then came the much expected line… ” let me check, I would get something really nice like earlier shirt”.

Well, in minutes she went inside, got a whilte navy blue shirt and mundu and while he was thanking for giving another set of dress, mother was asking him to keep it safe and take care this time.

Mother is always like this , knows only to care and love and she would do it in her own style which makes one feel really happy.This was really touching for me to see helping someone old to fight the monsoon coldness and be dry.


3 Responses to “Being good from core begins with simple acts of concern and love”

  1. i guess evry1 in dis world shud be the same…which however is quite impossible…

  2. saffrongeek Says:

    might be but i think it comes easily if we have mind to share..

  3. Daniel Mintz Says:

    I think parents help remind us about human kindness when our lives often can be so busy that we may occasionally forget or miss those opportunites to give..

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