Re-live your love life: Tips shared

  • When walking past your loved one, brush by them with a quick touch.This could be quick touch to the small of the back, shoulder or waist.
  • Take long moonlit walks on the beach or through the park , while holding hands.
  • Show appreciation. Nuture your love life with warmth and goodwill. This inspires your partner to want to please you.
  • Lavish expressions of love on your partner. Bring them straight from the heart.
  • Feel close to your partner. We feel closest to those who cause us to feel good about ourselves.
  • Kick your heels up and play like a kid again. Tell your partner you want to enjoy, do what he or she enjoys for the entire day.
  • Re-live your love life from the first moment. Begin by wooing each other like you did back then. Think a minute on those special moments.
  • Wear something that is attractive , work on toning your body or get dressed up for a night out on the town.
  • Dont let arguments spoil your love life.Dont wate time nursing a quarrel. Someone has to be first to backdown- might well be you.

One Response to “Re-live your love life: Tips shared”

  1. Babychirakkal Says:

    nice things……………its really touchable………………………….and refreshing sweet memories…………………….so sweet those days……………

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