School days as house leader: Hindi Drama

Recently, I went to my school to take some snaps. I happen to see Suma teacher , strict chemistry teacher now acting Principal. She shared about me to another Teacher as a good student and shared a incident that happened during 11th standard. let me share that story with you all here:

It was in 1998, myself in +1, was also the house leader. There would be 4 house leaders who would share the total students and staff resources to show a team effort. So these house members takes charge of Morning Prayers, Functions and contest against each other from Keeping new contributions to house activity board or saturday afternoon co-curricular activities.

Note that I had chosen students not at all bothered to show a house spirit. 🙂 But luckily, I had few hand picked friends who always stay close to my heart. They are, myself, Binu Raman, Neethu Paul, Yardley, Nanda Kishore and another two of them occasionally whom I dont remember.

So, what Suma teacher was remembering was our hindi drama.There was only 3 days more for that hindi drama competition and I didnt had a team to perform the show. So , emotional blackmail was the only choice. Well, Neethu reluctantly agreed before my request and I dont know why, I always felt she would stand by me. Binu rejected my thought saying he would be always there to support me but would not participate. So we hunted down all characters except King and Minister. Now, I looked at Binu and he got what I was asking of him. He nodded and I excited declared : so I take the King’s part. { Binu might have thought of becoming King and me his minister.. he he no ways .. }

Well, then I rewrote the story, directed it as I know it should. All of this went well. On friday evening after 1 hour practise, as we were done with our practise and sharing tommorrows stage tips some kids shared to us that other house people got costumes and materials for rent. Ooops is it..

Well, I was wondering should we even need to think about expensive material when the whole drama we are doing is to just participate. So we all decided that we would get some dress for ourselves. I got my mothers 5 mtr Kancheepuram saree, wondering how I would get this one on me to appear king. Yardley’s character was a common man and so needed nothing much. nanda kishore was minister but he got dhoti ready. Luckily, Our hindi teacher, Pandey sir came to help me. He being north indian, knew how to make dhoti knots and did easily for me.

I was still tense because Binu has not yet reached and he got to be my counter character, Mr. minister. To my surprise , Binu came in magicians dress which I didnt like. I didnt like his costume not because it was not impressive but he appeared richer than King himself. I and Binu entered a verbal disagreement, to an extent that i asked him to take mine and give his costume to me … ha ha

Well, unfortunately, there was not enough time and our numbers were called. By the time our chance came, it was past 3:10 PM and school bell rang. We continued our drama and then… as the minister makes a big laugh.. curtain should be down and the audience were supposed to be told some incidents that followed and that upcoming part happens after few months.

I got confused .. did I miss to hear it.. ?Why curtain is not let to fall. I looked at Binu. He too appreared equally confused. We looked to the corner of the stage, near to mic. ooops where did that idiot go at the right time.. i got up from my chair in a royal style , goes to the corner of the stage, looks around. Ooops, there he is , running away, possibly to catch his evening bus. Without written text, how to narrate the incidents.

What audience saw next was , King himself comes to mic and narrate the incidents. As I was done, one of the judges giggled and I lost my control. I passed a quote, “ Sometimes , King also has to live and do things like common man. Never mind“. As I walk back to my throne, I pass a glance at Binu and Neethu. There expressions were so ice cold that I could acknowledge them only with a wink.

We won for the first time. We got third. I couldnt believe my ears but then I came to know the truth. Third price is shared by us and another house and so obviously of the four houses all won.


2 Responses to “School days as house leader: Hindi Drama”

  1. hahhahhhahhahhahha………………………..guess wht would have happened if there was no four houses…! only three then?

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