Eclipse : Workspace in use or cannot be created..


Sometimes, attempting to open eclipse throws up the below message

[ Workspace in use or cannot be created, choose a different one. ]


Go to Administration->System Monitor and click the process tab.

Find the ‘eclipse’ thread and click the end process button.

Now try again and Eclipse IDE loads.


6 Responses to “Eclipse : Workspace in use or cannot be created..”

  1. Close java process also if this doesn’t work.

  2. Go to Task Manager (Windows) go to processes look for eclipse.exe and just End Process

  3. Also sometimes killing Java or Eclipse process is not enough. Follow this tutorial:

  4. The same message seem to appear if you by accident try to access workspace that belongs to a different user on the same machine (OSX Lion in my case)

  5. Anirban Says:

    Sometimes it is because your workspace is on the C:\ or other drive where you do not have delete file privilege and your previous instance of eclipse could not remove the .lock file. Just ask your administrator to give you delete file privilege and remove the .lock file. Now eclipse will start and run fine.

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