Over a cup of coffee with Lee

I and Lee  was out to one of the canteens at the basement of our block. As we waited for our turn at the self service ordering desk we saw a recently married couple , excited and lost in making a show of presence for others in the corner. They were consciously acting lost and so involved with each other. I felt this way. Whatever, we were successful in getting a silent corner to enjoy our T break.

As we settled, I felt Lee murmuring something to himself and I felt interested. After some forcing, he told me his story about how he had been in love with a girl from his college days, how it went nice for 7(!!SEVEN!!) years and when time came, he found his ex-love withdrawing, going silent, often fighting for no reason at all and above all, fault in everything that got him. He was hurt. What hurt him most was that he never knew the reason of her changing her nature, fightin, goin silent until as a surprise he met a common friend of his ex-love, Rakhi at Ernakulam railway station. Rakhi liked him because rarely guys so serious and one life – one girl policy is met in todays world. Lee was one with such a view in life. She got him for a Tea, had some chat, slowly slowly told him actual events.

The thing was his ex-love was from a family settled in middle east and her family had found a guy from a family settled in gulf itself. On a comparison note, she felt that Lee has just started career and not from a financially sound family. Well, the comfort of financial security was what she prefered over Lee.

Lee continued after a pause, “I never would complain of she choosing a life of comfort  because I wanted her to have one with me. But, I myself even now is not sure whether I would have given her all those happiness she might be enjoying now as a wife of a wealthy guy. What hurt me was , she went silent, and any time before the split, she always was searching to fight over a stuff. I would have felt OK, if she could have told me straight and  gifted ME a last meeting to see her and listen to her voice. I still am not able to move on..in life..and I never would be..

As he told me till here, I found his voice weighing, throat need for clearing. He went reserved for a few minutes and I let him have his space. I really felt sorry for Lee but failed to find some words to get him back composed. As I was wondering, suddenly Lee spriinged back with a line >> >> “ Saudi Arabia do not expect their football team to win the world cup once they are out in the field playing. The minimum expectation is to make GOAL.” 😉 I couldn’t get this one-liner double meaning instantly but well.. when I got it I just couldnt help join for a giggle.

Lee , he is one of the best person I have ever met, very friendly, witty and I should say his instant one-liners carry a lot of weight.   love you man. Be in touch buddy.


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