Dia for Visio VDX file view : Linux

Currently, I started working for a Drupal-CRM based project and the client had lots of Visio files. Being a Ubuntu user, I didnt had the application that recognizes the format and got stuck. A bit of googling helped me realize that .vsd formats are propreitary and so nux compatibility appeared less.

Just then I came to know that if Visio is used to export the vsd file as XML file ( VDX format) , I might be able to view them in Linux. Before that let me share what Visio is :> Visio is a popular diagramming Application for Windows Platofrm primarily used to create visual representations of complex data. Visio is a good application but problem is I dont have it.

Dia is a mapping , diagramming tool in Linux platoform which seems to limitedly support VDX formats. Yep, I can view the VDX file but there is no PDF exportation. I am wondering how to get a good print view so that I could take few printouts. Let me see any conversion software.

Good Reference Link : http://www.visiolike.com/resources.html


One Response to “Dia for Visio VDX file view : Linux”

  1. For this kind of problem, I have installed and print to the CUPS PDF printer.

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