Ubuntu :: viewing CDR format using inkscape

Recently, my buddy designer got me a logo and Icons designed for a medium enterprise product. The CD he gave me had the image files in .CDR format. I got stuck because, GIMP didnt recognize the format nor did openoffice Drawing.

Wondering what this format is about and how to open it for view, I made some reading, which I am briefing as below:

CDR format is of coreldraw and is propretiary.

#1. If you got your designer around or reachable, and he got coreldraw and openoffice draw both running in windows, could do the following:

a.Try saving in SVG format , or

b.Open file in CorelDraw and  Open OpenOffice Draw. Copy the drawing from Coreldraw and paste into openoffice Draw and save the drawing in the file format you want. [ Note: Not all features would get preserved. ]

#2. Or do a one time solution permanently to make urself independent of help or steps.

a.Install sk1 Engine and Uniconverter from this link. [Click].

b.Now , open a terminal and type the following command => sudo apt-get install inkscape <= Now try to open the CDR file in inkscape. It should open up.

Let me know how it works out. Thanks.


2 Responses to “Ubuntu :: viewing CDR format using inkscape”

  1. Pay attention to the utility for conversion is called uniconvertOr.


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