It’s ALL that

July 10, 2009

I was back from coimbatore and was trying to get some extra hours sleep before wake up that a call came. Its was my friend who was back hometown for weekend. He got this problem. He confirms my availability for sure before he starts for hometown, and once he is here, the entire set would be either my place or his or the whole gang assemble at temple pond at evening for chit chat , movie or some fun.

Since , the past few days was a bit tight, I had a few couple of relaxing days promised from company so gave  a Yes.

July 11-12, 2009

He came straight to my place, kept his lappy and bag to my bed sides and jumped to bed. Knowing either it would be my nephew Abhi or this friend, I just poked out of cover and yep it was him. Not to let him know that i woke up, I just held my eyes tight but he was sharing two days plan.

Evening we all friends pack , joins at our usual spot, Great Temple Pond but then it comes as a realization that pond is closed for kids and ladies only for the swimming course . 😦

As we all happen to be in good books and didnt wanted to spoil it just because someone happen to see us at temple pond  one fine day, we started for our river. We always felt confident about her that she would never harm us for she has seen us for years and we had from our best memories addressing mother love. Why mother love, because if you look in the direction of her flow, sunset appears to happen in her  far away remotely as if in a mighty ocean.

Monsoon had got her new energy, power. She is on herself, takin on the land and way as she feels, thrashing waves of waters racing the shores. Before even I could share my thought , all  I could hear was my friend Santhosh sayin loud, “oh mother love, here i come, ur boy” and thudddddddddd.

My fear increased seeing how small we look before her might. With some struggle of course he made it back. This was enough for the others and all went deep together. Since we knew her and she knows us, we took safe, never went took deep dip, tried to remain to surface near to bank and everyone counting all.This was a all together a great experience. Swimming in a flooded river on a real hard rainy day over us.

After a company-client conference, slowly I started feeling tired. I just thought it was DOME( Delayed OverRun Muscle Exhaustion) symptom but by sunday afternoon, I was having a high fever, joint pains and sever vomiting sensation.

Family Doctor visited twice in these two days. He was not clear whether I got this from my nephew who was sick past week or I got it because of any food allergy or due to swimming in rain.

July 12,2009

Fever just was not bothered to go down and Monday I was admitted to hospital. Well, beautiful nurses around, those friends who were afraid of my mother also got some courage to check my health.  One of my friend even went on checking my brother whether he got any work,if so , he would stay for him.

Wow! Nice friends. Arent they? well, am i different? I need to check later 😀

Night started with fever going down a bit and myself getting some sleep.

July 13, 2009

Few tests were conducted and didnt show anything specific other than normal fever. So prefered to discharge and take rest from Home. I thought, atleast I could check mails and do some work.

July 14, 2009

Felt a bit energetic and updated my HR and Co-ordinator about health and rest status.  I felt done and went to take some rest but when I wake up, I felt literally tired. I was again falling back to fever…

July 15,2009

I started vomitting , and also back pain was severe added to joint pains. What initially I thought was due to swimming in flowing current was the reason muscles aching but now back to hospital doctor said clear that it is due to fever alone and these days fever leaves a tough joint pains some times.

Luckily, I had my laptop and a friend shared his datacard and disc. I got it working and also attended a client call. Did some mail sending and just got back to bed for rest.

July 16,2009

When I check my laptop to my mother, she said it is taken back home as Doctor scolded for straining while down with fever. So, complete rest for two day: No phones, No Internet. Only TV and beautiful nurses in between.

July 17,2009

Recovered, back home.


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