National Security Guards OR National Shikandi Group ?

National Security Guards OR National Shikandi Group ?

Let me share a few news clips to justify the title. The day today known as 26/11 saw the NSG in action. Atleast , the terrorist strike got them a chance to get live on channels of their heroism( if it could be called so ). All were havin good words for them, roses being passed to them as a good will thanks.

After few weeks, it is gearing up time for General Election. The news channel was showing politician coming out of his residence to attend some public gathering. Ahead of him is one marching NSG commando. What we see next is, Lalu kicking him and abusing badly… sayin something like , ” in the name of protection , saalein kahin bhi aa tapktey hai”.

What Lalu missed that day to realize was that , the NSG commando job is to keep him safe and Lalu got no authority to question him , rather obey commando thoughts in security.

Well, NSG deserve this , that is what they are made for. Protect these politicians and at the same time receive kicks on their ass.

Now, why am I saying? Few days back the government made a press briefing that they are thinking of pulling back many of the NSG from providing unnecessary protection. Good news but cant trust this government because it is not RUN by strong hand and mind but a old man who just now underwent bypass surgery.

The funny part is to see the same Lalu who kicked the NSG that day protesting and saying this would call for untoward incidents and should be reconsidered.

Now, it is time for security cops to send message to governement that either they stay their ground or security cop go on a non-coperation movement.


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