Resizing and Content not readable issue on new Partition

Background Scenario:

I was finding my 55+GB Ubuntu OS running short of storage space. My harddisk had near to 80GB untouched till now. Somehow, I wanted to move my personal files to a new partitiion space so that my home folder gets a bit light weighted.

In Ubuntu, Go to System->Administration->Partition Editor. Select the partition you are gona resize for use. Make sure the ext3 filesystem is selected, and Click OK.

Now once done, you would have to restart your SESSION or just restart again. In the Places, drop down you would find the new partition. I prefer to mount it as when necessary.


I moved my personal files to new partition but was a bit not sure whether all happened fine. So when I open the partition in file browser, I find the folder with unreadable icon over it. An attempt to explore inside showed me a pop up saying like this :

The folder content could not be displayed. You do not have permission necessary to view the contents.

I just tried the below command and yep now the drive is accessible for read / write. Still, creating a directory from browser is not possible though ‘Terminal’ mode got no issues.

sudo chmod -R a+rX, go-w {pathtofolder}

Yep, Now I have a partition where i could back up my personal and project files and also able to explore them in file browser

The above resolved my issue but not sure to what extent. I find all working fine. I would be glad to know your thoughts and pointers.


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