Posting code, formulas, equations in blog posts

To post code snippets or formulas or equations I was finding the format loose when I save the post. I checked out any way to highlight the code or preserve the program structure to make it readable neat but I found it tough. Then, after a few trial and errors , I got a way for this. You are lucky and would not find it tough my way , if you have your own webspace. I still now had not. šŸ˜¦

Steps to post the code , program, formulas, equations without losing format structure or readability on free blog spaces is to :-

Step #1: Switch to HTML mode

Step #2: Type the < pre > and < /pre > tags.
Step #3: Copy the code or equation or whatever you would like to preserve format.
Step #4: Open, select filter tags option and paste the copied. click convert.

Step #5: Copy the converted and paste it between < pre>Ā  and </ pre> tags and switch back to visual mode in editor.
Step #6: Now , publish and Hope you have the format preserved.

Let me know your thoughts.

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2 Responses to “Posting code, formulas, equations in blog posts”

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